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  • Blue, Red, Pink matcha teaBlue, Red, Pink matcha tea
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Premium, Organic Pink MatchaPremium, Organic Pink Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Premium, Organic Red MatchaPremium, Organic Red Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Blue, Red, Pink matcha teaBlue, Red, Pink matcha tea
  • Purple acai bowl with organic red matchaPurple acai bowl with organic red matcha by Fluxias GmbH sells blue, pink and red matcha. All three the matcha powders are packed in bamboo tubes. The all natural powders can be used to create vibrantly colored beverages or could be used as substitutes for food coloring. The blue matcha is for example the finely ground powder of specially grown and processed natural blue tea know as blue butterfly pea tea. Another product to create colored lattes, like the Mermaid latte and the Golden latte.

Blue Matcha | Color-changing ability is great for cocktails

Blue matcha is a 100% natural, organic blue tea, known as Clitoria ternatea and is made without any additives or chemicals. The blue color is caused by an interplay of anthocyanidin and hydroxycinnamic acids that protect the flower from hydrolytic degradation. The tea doesn’t have to be brewed and comes in powdered form. This special and unique color is not the only amazing feature that the tea has to offer though. The color-changing ability makes it a true eye catcher. By adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice your entire matcha drink turns from blue to purple within seconds. The color change from blue to purple is caused by a change in pH value. Great to use in cocktails as well!

Blue matcha does taste very mild, similar to a green tea but more floral/earthy. Due to the mildness it’s a perfect natural blue food dye for dishes, desserts or beverages. It’s packed with antioxidants such as proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin which stops the harmful effects of free radicals.

The pink (made from 100% natural finely ground rose blossoms), red (made from all organic micro-powdered hibiscus flowers) and blue matcha are all naturally caffeine free. While green matcha is made from the ‘tea plant’ Camellia Sinensis, the blue, pink and red matcha’s are tisanes but they have the same ability in terms of coloring food naturally and dissolving in beverages to create green/blue/pink/red matcha lattes for example.

Blue, pink and red matcha’s are sold through their shop, Blue Chai and on Amazon globally. Several bars, hotels and spas in the United States, Denmark, Germany and the United Arab Emirates already offer blue matcha as tea and in fancy cocktails.


Stefan Dorn, Nawaporn Chotechamchoi and Barbara Dorn, founded their startup “Fluxias GmbH” in March 2016 through which they run and They focus on tea and cocktail products with unique properties for that special “Wow” effect when consumed. Their passion is to discover exotic ingredients all over the world and to create amazing products that customers fall in love with. Since opening their shop their teas have been featured on television and in magazines such as Bon Appétit, Glamour, Joy, Self and Business Insider. Check out #bluematcha on social media. Check out their YouTube channel and how drinks with blue matcha are made in this video:


Website: Matcha.Blue

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