Mermaid Latte | Your bright blue morning latte


The Mermaid Latte mix by Nutra Organics is both a healthy and Instagrammable beverage. This Mermaid Latte mix is made from a combination of sea minerals, blue Spirulina, matcha blue butterfly pea flower, Manuka honey, adaptogenic herbs, like ashwaganda, Siberien Ginseng, liquorice and milk thistle and Ayurvedic chai spices, like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, star anise, cayenne powder and black pepper. According to Nutra Organics this latte doesn’t taste like sushi with all the sea ingredients, the taste must be like a spicier version of a chai latte. The powder can be used in all kinds of milks, like dairy, soy, almond or creamy coconut milk.

Mermaid Latte | Instagrammable latte

We wrote about blue algea latte in 2016, at that moment we could only find an article in the Guardian telling us that this latte was only available in Australia. Well at this moment it looks like we can buy it at Nutra Organics. If you want to read more about the ingredients, check out their blog about this product. A bright blue morning latte is easy to make: pour 1 – 2 teaspoons of the Mermaid Latte powder with some heated milk of your choice. You can also add it to smoothie bowls and treats like ice cream to turn them blue.

At Nutra Organics they also sell sachets for Velvet Latte, a beetroot chai infusion that will turn your milk in a red velvet latte. In addition, they also sell sachets for Golden Latte with turmeric and honey Healthy and with an ‘Instagrammable’ colour!

Website: Nutra Organics

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