Golden Milk and the Blue Algea Latte


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Healthy and trendy: from Australia to the States, from Great Britain to South Africa, the so called “super lattes” are a rising trend. We spotted the super lattes: Golden Milk and the Blue Algea Latte. The last one only on paper. But we drank the Golden Milk a couple of times before we knew it was called the Golden Milk. Both drinks can be added to the healthy and trendy list of lattes. Next to the lattes of almond milk, soy milk or a latte with matcha. A latte with matcha is already at the menu of Starbucks.

Super lattes

The latte is one of the most favourite drinks in cafés all over the world. Especially all the sweet varieties with for example vanilla, maple, honey, caramel or salted caramel are popular. But the last couple of years the healthier lattes are gaining popularity, think about a latte with tea like the latte with matcha (colouring green), or with a shot of spice like ginger, cardamom or nutmeg.

The trend began in 2015, with the rise of the superfood matcha, the Japanese green tea with superior anti-oxidant properties to any other green tea. They’re served with almond or coconut milk. But in this article of Fine Dining Lovers, they’re also writing about super lattes created with a mixture of coconut and almond milk with maca, vanilla seed paste, cocoa, honey, virgin coconut oil and Goji berries. Check the article for other combinations.

Golden Milk

Those super lattes will do fine in cities where you can shop for the ingredients like in NYC, London, Paris or Amsterdam. But the Golden Milk is doing great with pictures on the internet, check #goldenmilk at Instagram. It’s almond milk with a combination of either honey, a bit of vanilla, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg or anything to your liking. But as main ingredient the very healthy turmeric. It could as well be sold as ‘turmeric latte’ or haldi dhooh (the original Indian name).
Turmeric is called the spice of 2016 and queen of the wellness trends in different publications as for example the Baum+Whiteman 2016 trend report.

Blue Algea latte or Smurf latte

We also read about the blue algea lattes which is one of the latest health trends in Australia. According to The Guardian, the blue algea latte has been introduced in the beginning of July at the small coffee bar, Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. The latte combines coconut milk, agave, lemon, ginger and blue algea powder. Yes without coffee in it! So it doesn’t smell like coffee but like seaweed instead. And yes because of the colour the Matcha Mylkbar refers to the latte as Smurf latte.

The blue algea is closely related to spirulina and is packed with nutrients, full of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. The bad thing; according to The Guardian, the blue algea powder isn’t for sale outside Australia. But they indicate the next best thing in their article.

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