Canadian Poutine | At Tante Nel during the second ‘Speakfrietje’


On Friday September 29th, haute friture snack bar Tante Nel introduces the original Canadian Poutine in the Netherlands. During the second edition of the popular ‘SpeakFrietje’ get-together they will present this Canadian dish. We’ve been to Toronto a while back, saw some examples of the dish but it reminded us to much of the Dutch ‘Kapsalon’! We didn’t even include it in our ‘Fries with….’ article. But big chance that hasn’t been the original Poutine with the right cheese like Tante Nel is going to serve!

Canadian Poutine

The owner of Tante Nel, Kevin de Roos is convinced that the fries covered in fresh real cheese and homemade ‘gravy’ will be a grand success: “You see a lot of snack bars offering Poutine, mostly using fake cheese. We have also spent some time trying out these fake cheeses. After a long search, I found a great local cheese farmer in Booij Kaasmakers, who will provide us with a true ‘cheese curd’. Cheese curd is not sold and normally not available, so this is quite unique!”

Marijke Booij van Booij Kaasmakers is also looking forward to the new-baked collaboration. She says: “A good Canadian girlfriend already asked me a few times why we couldn’t do anything with Poutine. In Canada, it’s a real delicacy! It’s of course of great importance that you use the best ingredients. That’s why we are so pleased that Kevin approached us. Some snack bars mess with Cheddar for the Poutine, he really goes for quality”.

Website: TanteNel Rotterdam

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