Bammetjes Bier | The sister beer of Pieper beer


Bammetjes Bier, the new beer of restaurant chain Instock, not made of potatoes like their last years creation Pieper Beer, but out of bread leftovers.

Bammetjes Bier

Bammetjes Bier is Instock’s second beer that will be launched. In 2016, Instock started selling its Pieper Beer, beer made from potatoes. The Bammetjes Bier taste a bit like Weizen beer. It’s a beer that reminds us of the summer and has a hint of banana.

The launch

Today, Friday the 9th of June between 5 pm and 7pm Bammetjes Bier will be launched. Together  they will raise their glass to celebrate this. We wish them a lot of fun!

Another sustainable initiative by Instock, it looks like the Toast Ale from England about which we wrote last month.

Other products by Instock

Last month, Instock introduced its Instock Granola, granola made out of ‘bierbostel’. Bierbostel is the malt residue of the beer brewing process. The granola consists out of bierbostel, oat flakes, crispy seeds and pits, almonds, cinnamon and sweet honey and contains a lot of proteins. Instock granola contains three times the amount of fibers than the average cereals.

Bron: Evmi

Website: Bammetjes Bier

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