Beer for breakfast | Instock makes granola out of ‘bierbostel’


  • Instock Granola
  • Instock Granola - photo credits Natalia van der Zalm
  • Instock Granola - photo credits Natalia van der Zalm

Together with bakery Lanskroon, Instock created their own granola. The main ingredient of the granola is the ‘bierbostel’ from the Troost Brewery. Bierbostel is the nutritious malt residue of the beer brewing process. Beer for breakfast is a nutritious and alcohol-free breakfast product that prevents food waste. Nice idea as hangover breakfast!

Beer for breakfast

Whilst creating their ‘Pieper Biertje’, Instock came in contact with brewery Troost and talked about bierbostel. For the brewery, bierbostel is a residual product, but together with bakery Lanskroon, Instock makes granola out of it. This alcohol-free ‘Beer for breakfast’ consist out of bierbostel, oat flakes, crispy seeds and pits, almonds, cinnamon and sweet honey and contains a lot of proteins. Instock granola contains three times the amount of fibers than the average cereals.


Instock works towards an improvement to the world’s food waste issues. The chain uses products in their meals that otherwise would’ve been thrown away. Therefore, the granola is a perfect fit to the rest of the menu. The granola was already on the Instock’s menu but is now also available to buy for home consumption.

Website: Instock

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