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  • 11stijlenbier - Sûkerbôle Tripel & Sûkerlatte Blond11stijlenbier - Sûkerbôle Tripel & Sûkerlatte Blond

New Frisian beers made of the ingredients of popular Frisian delicacies. The idea was born after a tasting during Covid. The initiators of 11stijlenbier (11 types of beers) came up with, among others, the Sûkerbôle Triple (caramel and light cinnamon), Frisse Drûge Woarst Wit (dry sausage wheat beer) and the Sûkerlatte Blond (anise). 11stijlenbier brews beers inspired by typical Frisian delicacies. From sugar bread to the local ‘drabbelkoek’ and from local dry sausage to sûkerlatte. By using characteristic ingredients during the brewing process, unique flavors and beers are created. In the end, 11stijlenbier will take you on a distinctive culinary journey through Friesland.

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The story behind 11stijlenbier

11stijlenbier is an initiative of four Frisian beer enthusiasts. Armand and Tim are owners of the successful special beer service Beer in a Box. Erwin is manager of the two restaurants in Leeuwarden, Grand Café de Brass and Huize Kwast. And Sem is the initiator of 11stijlenbier and the driving force behind the sales of the beers.

The idea behind 11stijlenbier

Besides beer lovers, the men are also true Frisians. They noticed how few people, including beer lovers, know what kind of beers there are and what exactly typifies a beer style. “Let’s share knowledge about beer styles by linking a beer style with a typical Frisian delicacy each time! This way we can tell a little more about the different beer styles in an accessible way.” In short, with 11stijlenbier they pay attention to the richness of beer styles as well as typical Frisian delicacies.

Sûkerbôle Triple & Friese Drûge Woarst Wit

When brewing the beers, they each use several ingredients found in the Frisian specialty in question. For example, the Sûkerbôle Triple is brewed with cinnamon, sugar and licorice, among other ingredients. This way they develop smell and taste associations with that Frisian delicacy. In some beers these associations are strong, for example in the Frisian Drûge Woarst Wit. Here the fennel seeds, cloves and peaty smoked barley malt immediately make you think of Frisian dry sausage.

The beer recipes and brewery(s)

The recipes of the beers are being developed by the De Kroon Brewery in Leeuwarden. With the slogan “I brew from you”, Ulco de Jong has been developing beer since 2014. Besides brewing for clients, he also has his own beer under the brand De Kroon van Leeuwarden. Currently, the beers are brewed in Friesland by Brouwerij Dockum.

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Website: 11stijlenbier

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