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Inspired by the pizza chain Domino’s Pizza that recently started selling pizza’s with a sausage in the edge of the pizza and sauerkraut as an ingredient and the success of pizza rolls and bagels, we’ve made a top 10 pizza inspiration varieties which we as guest really love to eat.

Pizza with fresh truffle

Recently I ate a fresh truffle pizza at a great lunch/brunch spot on Sunday in the Marais, Paris. At Le Dome du Marais they serve a ‘Pizza a la Truffe Noir, fontina & frisee blanche’ (Pizza with black truffle, fontina cheese and frisee salad).

Pizza with fresh tuna

Although more a flatbread or our flammkuchen variety, we ate a great flatbread with fresh tuna with a hint of shiso and truffle oil in Las Vegas. The perfect combination between Japan and Italia. The Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at the Bellagio hotel serves this great pizza. Friends already told us in advance; after having eaten one, you will order another one!

Meanwhile I understood that restaurant Le Garage in Amsterdam serves a similar pizza! We will definitively come to taste this version as well!

Breakfast pizza

We already wrote about it in 2010, a branch of Domino’s pizza in Ohio started to serve a breakfast pizza. Last summer we had breakfast pizzas at various locations in America. The breakfast flatbread at the ‘Butler-style’ Sunday brunch in restaurant La Cave at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas was truly delicious, a rectangular piece of flatbread with a chef’s selection of ham and eggs. In the Netherlands we know that restaurant City Hall in Leiden serves a breakfast pizza with 3 eggs and bacon as well.

The Tandoori Spice Pizza

In the most recent newsletter of The Food People we read that pizza chain Papa John’s in England did bring a new pizza on the market in collaboration with producer Patak’s; The Spice Tandoori Pizza. The pizza is topped with authentic Indian-inspired ingredients such as Phal sauce, double Tandoori Chicken, green peppers, red onion, tomatoes and mint raita.

Deep dish pizza from Chicago

The Deep Dish pizza is a mighty and truly a pizza for big eaters! I ate it by Giordano’s in Chicago, hometown of the deep dish pizza. A smaller version would likely be better for the Dutch market, while the bigger one can be advertised as a ‘pizza to share’.

Flatbread or the European version; flammkuchen

Since 2013 more and more flatbreads, or the German variant ‘flammkuchen’, are served in the Netherlands. This lighter version of a pizza is often used in America as ‘skinny pizza’. For example, The Cheesecake Factory has a separate menu, ‘skinnylicious’ with some skinny flatbreads for those who want to eat less calories.

Eat healthy, pizza – with seaweed

We wrote about it in December 2013; Healthy pizza has toppings like mozzarella, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and garlic powder. The company made the pizza healthier with a secret ingredient, they added seaweed, a healthy alternative to salt. An average frozen pizza contains 300 calories and 13 grams of fat, the pizza by ‘Eat Healthy’ contains 172 calories and 5.3 grams of fat. It is introduced in England and Wales.

Pizza on a stick and in a cone

The Italian company Hasta La Pizza has introduced the ‘pizza on a stick’ at the Anuga fair in Cologne in the end of 2013. The ‘pizza on a stick’ is designed for the on-the-go market. Hasta la Pizza is available in the flavours Margherita, ham and salami and comes in packs of 60 grams. Kono pizza sells its pizza already several years in the form of a cone. They are sold in 16 countries, but not in the Netherlands yet, although they’re sold on Aruba.

Pizza gourmet

We wrote about it in May 2013; Gourmet Pizza. The Italian ‘Pizzafestijn’ Catering serves a pizza-gourmet besides Italian snacks and a live cooking buffet with pizza appetizers. With the pizza-gourmet guests can cover small fresh pizza bases with pizza sauce and ingredients of choice. These mini pizzas are baked in a small pizza oven.

Bugs on the pizza

We can now start to uses insects on pizzas as the insects are also on the shelves at the supermarket in the Netherlands ((Supermarket Jumbo in Groningen). Early 2010 an Australian pizza maker did this also when the country was hit by a plague of locusts.

Written by Marjolein van Spronsen LinkedIn

Bron: Marjolein van Spronsen LinkedIn

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