Pizza like ice cream on a stick


A real Italian promotional short film, a bit old fashioned, but the product is innovative. The Italian company Hasta La Pizza has introduced ‘pizza on a stick’ on the Anuga fair in Cologne. It is designed for the on-the-go market. Hasta la Pizza is available in the flavors Margherita, ham and salami, in packs of 60 grams. Gerardo Acampora came up with the concept two years ago when he saw two boys on the beach. One ate a slice of pizza, the other an ice cream on a stick. That gave him the idea to combine the two. He went to work and four months later he applied for a patent. You can warm them in a toaster or in the oven and the makers promise that the pizza’s won’t leak tomato sauce and you will not get dirty fingers. Hasta la Pizza offers ‘pizza on a stick’ in license to producers from outside Italy.

Bron: EVMI

Website: Pizza on a stick

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