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We think that every entrepreneur loves to know what goes on in the head of his or her guests. What do they really like about the food? Too much taste, too little? Should the portions be smaller or larger. Questions that aren’t easy answered. Yumpingo is a platform that ensures that feedback from guests can be directly converted into adjustments to the menu.


The idea behind Yumpingo arose when founder Gary Goodman talked to a friend who owned a restaurant. He asked him what would really be an improvement for his restaurant. The answer of his friend was that he wanted nothing more than to read the thoughts of his guests, kind of like in cartoon comic books. With this idea in mind Gary created Yumpingo.

How does it work? Guests fill in a review at the end of their lunch or dinner, this does not take longer than a minute and of course happens on tablets that is fully in line with the brand. The review is specifically aimed at the dishes that were eaten at that moment. This information is immediately shared with the right people again. The big advantage is that data can be collected on a larger scale, which can then be converted back to the actual improvement of dishes. Not based on feelings, but on data.


Yumpingo works with some of the world’s largest and most innovative restaurant groups – including Wahaca, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group and Wagamama – as well as independents, to transform how they develop new menus, optimise operational execution, build their reputation and increase guest satisfaction and retention. According to this article on Eater, a pilot in collaboration with Jamie’s Italian showed that they received 40 times as much feedback on the dishes after installing Yumpingo.

Website: Yumbingo

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