WineStein is a smart sommelier


WineStein is a smart sommelier, born from the love of wine. WineStein is an app with a digital sommelier, capable of advising the best wine pairings with any dish. Developed to enrich the lives of wine lovers. Always drink the right wine that suites the moment. No more hassle of choosing the right wine.

WineStein is a smart sommelier guiding wine lovers

WineStein is developed in cooperation with scientists of Smart Research, a spin-off of Nijmegen University in the Netherlands. WineStein’s pairing score indicates how well a wine will match a dish. A 100-score is the perfect match, any score from 60 on indicates a good match. WineStein will also advise matching dishes with specific wine(s), or advise wines based on taste preferences. Advanced techniques deriving from artificial intelligence make WineStein a self-learning advisor, that makes it a customized product with applications for restaurants, supermarkets, shops, web shops and consumers.

How does WineStein work?

WineStein’s artificially intelligent software matches gastronomic properties of a dish (the ‘meal DNA’) with those of wine (‘wine DNA’). In this matching, all ingredients, preparations, possible sauces, spicing and side dishes are taken into account. Based on all these data, WineStein calculates a gastronomic taste profile of a dish and uses this to make the wine match. Matching is done with wine types, ideal types of all wines known in the world, subdivided by origin, grape variety, quality level and properties such as residual sweetness. WineStein currently has about 700 wine types defined, next to thousands of ingredients.

Have your guests choose their wine with the WineStein

WineStein can be deployed within gastronomic business in numerous ways: online through your web site, at hand on smart phone or tablet, or as point of sale application running on touch-screen. It will have your own wine range, menu if applicable, varying per plant if necessary and tailor-made to your corporate identity if desired.


Earlier we wrote about Vivino, this app makes it possible for everyone to review and compare wines. This is simply done by scanning the label of the bottle. WineStein goes a step further and is looking for fine wines to enrich your dish and the other way around!

Website: WineStein

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