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  • Wheat Straws

100% natural, super compostable, plastic free straws that are stronger than paper straws. The wheat straws don’t get soggy and they are softer than plastic straws. With their natural structure, these  straws feel soft and smooth while you drink. Besides that Wheat Straws donates 2% of all the purchases to The Ocean Cleanup. A great alternative to give your drinks an eco-friendly update.

Another alternative for plastic straws we can add to our list

Wheat Straws

PLA (Polylactic Acid) and sugar cane straws need industrial installations to biodegrade. The Wheat Straws just need nature. Ideal for festival grounds too. Besides that these straws are also gluten free. Gluten is found in the seeds of cereal grains and for the straws they only use the stem of the plant with no seeds. Wheat – Straws are made of straws, reeds, hay, thatch, dent or cane.

Wheat Straws and The Ocean Cleanup

According to Seas At Risk and The Plastic Soup Foundation, “Over time, plastic falls apart into small fragments, transforming all the water around us into a big soup full of microplastics. These particles enter the marine food chain because plankton and other small animals mistake them for food.”

The owner of Wheat Straws has a passion for recreational diving and confronted with the huge amounts of plastic he started his surge for biodegradable, plastic free and affordable straws. Wheat Straws donates 2% of all the purchases to The Ocean Cleanup through their Facebook page.

Website: Wheat Straws

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