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It all started with a video on social media. It showed how a turtle was hurt by a plastic straw. The use of plastic straws has already been abolished in several American cities. Last May, the European Commission also proposed to ban the use of plastic disposable items. Several parties have now taken the initiative to ban plastic straws permanently. They came up with sustainable alternatives. If you are not completely enthusiastic yet, we have listed a few examples here!

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Ev Liu is the initiator of the Straw-by-Straw concept. These straws are biodegradable, compostable and grow in the nature. She developed straws of reeds, a simple but sustainable concept!

Bamboo straws

A well-known variant is the straw of bamboo. Bamboo is sustainable material because only a small amount of water is needed within the production of the plant. A cleaning brush is delivered together with the bamboo straws, which makes it easier to clean the straws. However, it is less easy to work with in the hospitality industry.

No plastic straws but edible straws

The edible straw is a variant that we already know a little longer and especially, at various food festivals, is seen a lot this year. The Spanish company Sorbos was one of the first who started making edible straws. They now also offer the possibility to create your personal straw. You first choose one of the flavours of Sorbos (strawberry, lemon, orange, lime or energy), then you can choose between different colours, sizes and eventually you can print your own logo at the edible straw. This is particularly interesting for hospitality entrepreneurs!

Final Straw

The ‘Final Straw’ is also known for the world’s first folding and re-usable straw. The foldable straw is presented in a compact and modern box which makes it easy to take the straw with you. You can choose from different colours: grey, coral, green or blue. A cleaning brush is delivered within the box, which makes it easier to clean the straws. If only all your guests could take one of those straws with them!

Green Paxx

Green Paxx offers flexible silicone straws that are dishwasher safe. The straws are foldable and therefore easy to carry. The straws are easy to clean because they consist out of 2 different parts. Green Paxx also produces reusable Cool Caps (closing caps) which are nice to combine with the foldable straws.

Stainless steel straws

Ever eco describes it as their top product, the straw of steel! They offer 2 different types, the normal drinking straw or a thicker version especially designed for drinking smoothies. With both types, it is possible to choose between the curved version or the straight version. A matching brush is also delivered together with the straws which makes it easy to clean them.

Tiffany & Co

The straws of Tiffany & Co are true works of art with a nice price tag. For $ 375 you have a handmade sterling silver straw in the colours gold or rose gold.

Wheat Straws

100% natural, super compostable, plastic free straws that are stronger than paper straws. The wheat straws don’t get soggy and they are softer than plastic straws. With their natural structure, these  straws feel soft and smooth while you drink. Besides that Wheat Straws donates 2% of all the purchases to The Ocean Cleanup. A great alternative to give your drinks an eco-friendly update.


A pasta straw company, Stroodles, has launched pasta straws to provide an environmentally friendly solution to the singe-use plastic crisis and rise of greenwashing from the paper straw industry. In comparison to soggy paper and plastic straws, Stroodles are an improvement as they provide greater durability, are flavourless, vegan, 100% biodegradable and are edible raw or cooked after use. A core principle for Stroodles is their ‘drink-easy’ ethos, meaning drinkers don’t has to change behaviour or compromise on drinking experience to do good for the environment. The straws are 23-25 cm long, 0.75cm thick and the pasta straw walls will last over an hour in any one drink and remain flavourless! And they’re biodegradable in hours not generations!


Eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable, drinking straws made from plants (wheat and cane).

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