VR Centres | The arcade rooms of the future


Recently the first IMAX VR Centre opened in Los Angeles where visitors have the opportunity to experience the world of virtual reality in 14 futuristic rooms. A comparable gaming hall opened last year in Taiwan. At Viveland Taiwan visitors can enjoy different Virtual Reality (VR) games at over 330 square meters. Are these VR Centres going to become the arcade halls of the future?

VR Centres

In the past, arcade rooms where fully equipped with pacman- and pinball games but currently we see more VR (virtual reality) games in these rooms. This technology already exist quite long but is still quite unknown amongst gamers. Reason: decent VR-glasses cost already over $ 1,000, there is not much content and you need quite some space if you want use these glasses at home. VR centers allows you to experience Virtual Reality games without having these problems.


The IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles is not going to be the only one, in the next year a minimum of six IMAX VR Centres will be opened at different locations around the world. IMAX is not only focusing on games, but also on movies. Visitors can meet different techniques, varying from wearing VR-glasses to wearing a trembling vest to make a game look more real.


Viveland is a project by HTC. With their HTC Vive, HTC launched their VR-glasses to the market. The difference between IMAX and Viveland is that Viveland is only focusing on games. The interior is less futuristic and is devided in four themes that are related to games. It’s still unknown if Viveland will expand to Europe.


We still doubt if these VR centres are going to become the new arcade rooms. Especially as we see an increase in the amount of new ‘old fashioned’ arcade halls. On the other side, Virtual Reality can be a nice addition for the leisure segment. Not only for cinemas but as well for family entertainment centers. Earlier we wrote about these plans under the name A virtual reality arcade, Escape Room plus!.

Website: IMAX VR

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