A virtual reality arcade, Escape Room plus!


This weekend I read an article about ‘Project StarCade’ which will bring a virtual reality arcade to Los Angeles. It will be opening this spring at a yet undisclosed location. This location will be a pilot center before expanding to other locations in the US or in Europe. As we just wrote a whitepaper on Escape Rooms in the Netherlands, it’s intriguing to think about the developments….

About Project StarCade, the planned virtual reality arcade

At the VRLA Winter Expo, studio Starbreeze announced their plans to establish a virtual reality arcade in Los Angeles. At the website of VR Scout they describe their experience with the ‘The Walking Dead VR’ (a first person shooter game), created by Overkill. The sitting experience places you in a wheelchair as you crawl virtually through a dilapidated hospital environment, moving slowly among the undead. You are then handed a shotgun where you blast away at hordes of zombies coming at you from all angles.

Studio Starbreeze has already been touring the VR experience in a giant modified RV, taking thousands of individuals through “The Walking Dead VR” a day at events. The virtual reality RV was also parked inside the LA Convention Center during the VRLA Winter Expo.

Escape Room plus

As you can see in the video above; every person reacts to virtual reality differently, the same is the case in the Escape Rooms. It looks like we first needed the thrill of the big amusement parks like Disney, the Dutch Efteling and Six Flags and that the youngsters amongst us are going for the more individual excitement of gaming, the Escape Room and now virtual reality! All done on one spot, mostly individually, and creating a lot of excitement amongst gamers and youngsters.

The virtual reality game is set up in an arcade to make this world more accessible for those who want to try out. This first arcade will be an experiment, adjusting it with the feedback from users.

We already wrote about the use of virtual reality in the cinema. Would you like to know more check out the website of VR Scout. We read an interesting article about the virtual reality park ‘The Void’ in Utah. ^David Maartense

Bron: VR Scout

Website: Starbreeze

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