VinaStraws | Cereal straws to exchange your plastic straws


  • Vina Straws made of rice
  • Vina Straws made of rice

As of July of this year a new law will prohibit the use of single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cottonbud sticks in Europe. So all restaurant, hotel and bar owners have to check that they don’t use plastic packaging anymore. Over the years we’ve spotted a lot of substitutes, like Stroodles, Wheat straws and many moreNow we spotted another one: Cereal straws. They can be used in cold or warm beverages and after finishing your drink, you can eat the straw. The Cereal Straws are made of rice and tapioca starch, 100% biodegradable. 

Cereal straws by VinaStraws 

VinaStraws is proud to contribute to the environment by studying and producing eco-friendly disposable goods. One of their products are the cereal straws also called rice straws made from 100% clean sources like rice and other grains. Not only to replace traditional plastic straws, but you could also eat them without worrying about your health or the environment. Available in the colors blue, green, red and white. Or if you want to personalize it, as requested. They are available in three sizes and lengths.   

Next to straws, VinaStraws continuously expands their research to produce non-plastic products ensuring a sustainable future for the earth. As company, they committed themselves to aligning their survival with the future of the green environment and the future of their business direction of only sourcing green products. As noted on their website: “We only have one planet, and right now we need to work together to protect it. Small actions can make huge difference anVinaStraws will only produce and sell eco-friendly products in the future 


Website: Vina Straws

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