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vandeStreek beer brewed the first alcohol-free IPA in the Netherlands. Nowadays, a lot of people love to drink alcohol-free beer (last year we consumed a whopping 18% more of alcohol-free beer in the Netherlands), but a real good and tasty alcohol-free IPA we haven’t seen yet. From now onwards, you can drink an alcohol-free IPA and drive or go the gym. The brewery is working at their Playground beer series and the IPA is one of them. It’s a limited edition, once the beer gets successful more will be brewed.

vandeStreek beer | Playground serie

vandeStreek beer is a brewery in Utrecht that’s started by the van der Streek brothers (Sander and Ronald). Ronald says: “At this very moment we are working on the ‘Playground Series’, a set of beers which will be created with either new packaging designs, new ingredients, new beers to mix or practice new techniques and I must say, the challenge we had to make a modern beer with a heavy, hoppy flavor went quite well.” They’ve learned the techniques and brewing methods to make alcohol-free beers from a friend, a German brew master.

So far, alcohol-free beers have only been brewed by bigger breweries and to make it more attractive, they added sugars and lemonade to these beers. Also known as Radler. To date, not a single Dutch specialty beer brewery started the challenge to brew an alcohol-free, fully flavored beer.

New location

It’s a busy period for the vanderStreek brewery – “Currently we are in the final face of building a brand new brewery in Utrecht”, Sander says. “With our new brewery, we created a playground that allows us to brew even more Playground beers.”

In the week of the Dutch beer, during the open days for breweries, the brewery will be opened. Ronald: “We are going to celebrate this with beers we brewed in our new location!”

Website: vandeStreek bier 

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