Üllo the wine purifier | No more hangovers from wine


An already backed project at Kickstarter: the Ullo wine purifier. This wine purifier claims it removes sulphites from your wine and thus prevents hangovers, only from wine of course!

Üllo the wine purifier

The Chicago-based startup Üllo the wine purifier took the time to research, experiment on, and figure out the cause of nasty hangovers due by wine. A surprising number of wine lovers seems to be sensitive to sulphites. As an added chemical preservative, sulphites are necessary for wine to be properly bottled and stored but are no longer needed once you open the bottle. After receiving an approximate $ 157,000,= in funding through Kickstarter they made their hangover cure a reality. Üllo purifies wine using a porous, food-grade polymer filter to selectively remove sulphites, while allowing the other compounds in the wine to flow through unaffected. Through Selective Sulphite Capture™, Üllo maintains the original flavour and character of the wine while reducing sulphites to a more naturally occurring level.

Website: Üllo the wine purifier

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