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  • Bunk Amsterdam - Hotel in an old churchBunk Amsterdam - Hotel in an old church
  • Opening of the 50th De Beren restaurantOpening of the 50th De Beren restaurant
  • Grand Marnier Quintessence & Grand Marnier RévélationGrand Marnier Quintessence & Grand Marnier Révélation
  • AiroDoctor V10P-IDAiroDoctor V10P-ID
  • Trends we spotted afbeelding

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about amongst others a new restaurant for Alain Ducasse in Paris, Le Salon des Manufactures and the Dutch restaurant chain ‘The Avocado Show’ will open in Stuttgart in April.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam is reopening with a special give-away – a Staycation party! Check out your change to win this party. And the Dutch Kever Genever is facing legal problems with their Kever John Lemon Canned Cocktail.

The 2nd edition of the Colors Festival will be held in Paris, From April 2 to May 8 2022, you can enjoy street art in the 11th arrondissement. Two new spectacular editions of Grand Marnier, Quintessence and  Révélation, give expression to the simplest of combinations: cognac, orange essence, wood, and time.  

Travel Outlook, a premium hotel call center, introduced Bella. Bella is the hospitality industry’s first AI-powered Virtual Hotel Agent™ and Aldi in Australia is testing a robotic pizza vending machine, the Pizzabot.

As many virus experts say that COVID is here to stay, it might be wise to install an air purifier. AiroDoctor® V10P-ID is a passive in-channel photocatalysis unit designed to effectively filter and clean the airflow in small and medium-sized air handling units (HVAC).

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Paris for foodies | Take a look at this article about the newest store from Alain Ducasse

How wonderful that the world is slowy opening again! We can enjoy new and well-known restaurants and especially in the big cities we see many openings. Like for instance in Paris, Le Salon des Manufactures, a new Alain Ducasse store where you can taste 100% chocolate. Location on the first floor, above La Manufacture d’Alain Ducasse in rue des Petits Champs. View the article and photos on Paris Secret, link in the title.

Yoko Ono wants young Amsterdam gin entrepreneurs to stop selling their Kever John Lemon Canned Cocktail

The Amsterdam based Kever Genever has a fight with Yoko Ono, the widow of music legend John Lennon. Her Imagine Peace Revocable Trust is demanding that Kever Genever immediately stop selling their Kever John Lemon Canned Cocktail. The Kever John Lemon Canned Cocktail, according to Yoko Ono, constitutes an infringement of the brand names John Lennon and John Lemon, which her trust both owns. Ono’s lawyers are demanding to stop the sale, provide insight into sold products, stock and profit, and also compensate the legal costs, on pain of a penalty payment. The gin entrepreneurs Sebastian Kolstee and Ruben Wolvekamp – who founded Kever Genever in 2015 – are stunned. It’s not the first time the trust of Yoko Ono has done this, earlier, a Polish manufacturer of the soft drink John Lemon was forced to change that brand name and also to transfer its JOHN LEMON brand to the trust. With this brand, Ono now attacks Kever Genever. “We see little of the peace, love and happiness she preaches,” says Sebastian Kolstee (32), co-founder of Kever Genever. “Unfortunately, we have our backs against the wall, since Yoko Ono also owns the JOHN LEMON brand, while she does nothing with it at all. We will not just leave it at that and have started a crowdfunding campaign via to arm ourselves financially against the legal violence that is threatened. We have also had two tough corona years and raw material prices are currently sky-high. A claim by Mrs. Ono and her organization is particularly damaging to our company and a major blow to our business. We cannot imagine that John Lennon himself would ever have come up with this hostile plan.”

The German premiere for The Avocado Show is scheduled for the end of April

The all-avocado success concept is to be launched in the Baden-Württemberg State Capital Stuttgart. Under the heading “Pretty Healthy Food”, the concept offers dishes based around the healthy power fruit – from pancakes for breakfast and poke bowls for the launch to burgers and cocktails for dinner. Soon, branches of The Avocado Show will also open in ‘The Mall of the Netherlands’ and in Paris Les Halles. With the 4 branches in Amsterdam, 2 in Brussels, 1 in London and Madrid, this concept is booming. More information in the article at Food Service DE, link in the title.

Colors Festival in Paris | 700 m2 of street art

The 2nd edition of the Colors Festival. Last year, Combo, Ardif, Levalet, Ana Conda, Codex Urbanus, Jo di Bona and many others transformed a sleepy place into an XXL urban art spot. This year on the program of the Colors Festival #2: not 600 but 700 m2 of rainbow from floor to ceiling and nearly 90 French & international artists. Check out the article on Paris Secret for more details and images, link in the title. From April 2 to May 8 2022, the Colors Festival is back in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Grand Marnier unveils Exceptional Cuvées Range

Grand Marnier is one of those drinks that reminds me of the past, we loved to make ‘crêpe Suzette’ with Grand Marnier. It’s been a couple of years since we tasted that, it’s one of those old-fashioned, classic but mouthwatering recipes! The Exceptional Range Grand Marnier recently announced is purely intended to enjoy in your glass. The first rare Grand Cuvées is Quintessence. This exquisite spirit pays homage to the liqueur’s exalted history and showcases the highest expressions of the iconic French Maison, demonstrating how the most complex flavors can be derived from seemingly the simplest of combinations: cognac, orange essence, wood, and time.

In parallel, Grand Marnier will also launch Révélation – the prestige expression of the iconic French house, with the most cognac-forward taste. Révélation’s XXO cognacs come exclusively from the distinguished Grande Champagne cru, perfectly aged at the prestigious Chateau Grand Marnier in Bourg-Charente. The final assemblage of cognac and Bigaradia essence rests in oak tanks over several months, allowing ‘alchemy’ to take over. More information in their press release at PRnewswire, link in the title.

Both Exceptional Cuvées will launch in select markets and will retail for $3,500 USD (Quintessence, encased in a Baccarat decanter) and $700 USD (Révélation). As said, to sip only!

Bella™, the hospitality industry’s first AI-powered Virtual Hotel Agent™ introduced by Travel Outlook

Travel Outlook, a premium hotel call center, introduced Bella. Bella is the first AI-powered virtual agent dedicated to hotel guest service offering best-in-class caller engagement, unrivaled flexibility for callers, and provides an engaging, on-brand experience. Bella’s technology allows customers of brands to lead the conversation, creating natural, human-like interactions and affordably answering up to 60% of the calls for the front desk team. For example this system can route calls to internal departments. Hotels can personalize Bella by using their own voice talent. And the system can answer over 100 FAQ’s, chosen by the hotel. Check out all the abilities of the system at their website, link in the title.

Aldi in Australia is testing a robotic pizza vending machine

Aldi has launched a one-of-a-kind Pizzabot to serve up restaurant-style pizza at its North Sydney store. The robotic vending machine is a first for Aldi and is designed to serve up freshly-baked wood-fired pizza to hungry shoppers in under two minutes. The Pizzabot was created in collaboration with Bondi start-up Placer Robotics, and is the first pizza vending machine to be designed and manufactured in Australia. More information and images of the pizzabot in the article on the Dailymail website, link in the title.

AiroDoctor V10P-ID | Fanless in-duct module for HVAC systems

As many virus experts say that COVID is here to stay, it might be wise to install an air purifier. AiroDoctor® V10P-ID is a passive in-channel photocatalysis unit designed to effectively filter and clean the airflow in small and medium-sized air handling units (HVAC). The fanless module is suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting of HVAC systems. Thus, with the V10P-ID, AiroDoctor offers a long-term powerful and sustainable solution for antiviral and antibacterial air purification of larger indoor areas and buildings: hotels, restaurants, offices, meeting venues, universities, schools, daycare centers, retail stores, malls and more.

Reopening Bunk hotel Amsterdam with unique give-away | A staycation party

Bunk hotel Amsterdam actually opened its doors in March 2020, but was forced to close again soon due to Corona. Exactly two years later, on March 1, 2022, they will reopen the location and welcome local residents again in their special restaurant. To celebrate this, Bunk has set up a unique give-away, with an overnight stay including breakfast and dinner at the Bunk restaurant for 15 people. With this they offer the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience with a group of friends, family or neighbors. Because everyone is ready for a nice get-together after the past two years, right? How do you win your exclusive Staycation party? To hype Bunk on Instagram! After these simple steps you will enter the lottery: Follow Bunk on Instagram, like Bunk’s post about the Staycation party and fill out the form on the website, link in the title, so that they can reward the efforts of your group of friends with extra chances to win. The final date of the Staycation party will depend on the applicable Covid-19 restrictions in both the hotel and the restaurant. The date will be determined by Bunk, in consultation with the winner. The promotion runs from March 3 to March 31.

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