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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about amongst others SQUAREAT, a revolutionary meal plan concept and Ruby Hotels is opening their second location in Frankfurt in 2025.

It’s time for winter beer: the Dutch Bird Brewery created ‘Apres Kievit’, a beer with the spicy notes of Jägermeister. And FryAway, a plant based powder, turns cooking oil into solid waste that can then be easily scooped into the rubbish.

Bäckerei Krümel opens doors in the ‘Efteling’ (a Fairytales theme park in the south of the Netherlands) and Pollinator Park is a VR experience that explores a future without bees and other pollen spreaders.

This Friday, December 17, Titanic: The Exhibition will be sailing into London! And GoodMaps is changing the way people navigate retail stores, even for those  visually impaired. They’re testing it in a supermarket of ASDA in the UK. Would be a great asset for airports and event locations as well!

Would you like to taste Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend Wine? A cookies & cream red wine blend! And in the Dutch branch of Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe rewarded entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.


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Revolutionary meal plan concept | SQUAREAT

Created by two Miami fitness enthusiasts, SQUAREAT aims to take meal plan deliveries to the next level thanks to its squared-shape mono portions, which allow to preserve the nutrients, ensure convenience and guarantee tasty, practical and long-lasting meals.

The Squares will initially be available in 15 different flavors: (chicken, beef, salmon, seabass, basmati rice, sweet potato, quinoa, broccoli & spinach, asparagus, zucchini, vegan burger, chocolate pancake, hazelnut, peanut and pistachio & cashew) and can be assorted in 5 different meal plans that can be adjusted to every dietary need and calorie count.


Ruby Hotels is opening their second location in Frankfurt

After the successful opening of the Ruby Louise Hotel & Bar in Junghof Plaza in June 2021, the Munich Ruby Group and founder-CEO Michael Struck, has secured its second hotel in Frankfurt. The Allerheiligenviertel, located in the middle of Frankfurt, has already undergone a radical change in recent years and will continue to develop positively thanks to the creation of the newly designed MAIN YARD quarter and upcoming art, culture and gastronomy offers.

The new Ruby location is connected to public transport. With the Ostendstraße S-Bahn station in front of the door, there is also a direct connection to the main train station and Frankfurt am Main Airport. The hotel is scheduled to open in spring 2025.

The annual winter beer from the Dutch Bird Brewery: Apres Kievit

The first snowflakes have fallen and the many Apres Ski hits are blasting from the speakers. It’s time again for Bird Brewery’s annual winter beer: Apres Kievit. And as last year, this winter beer has spicy notes of Jägermeister, Apres Kievit Oak Aged Jägermeister. A nicely balanced winter beer, ideal for cold, dark days. The desire for an Apres Ski feeling has perhaps never been greater!

“With the winter months ahead of us, it is time for a nice winter beer,” Tells Ralph, one of the founders of Bird Brewery. “We’ve brewed another oak-aged winter beer, with the warm, spicy notes of Jägermeister. That way you still get a bit of the Apres Ski feeling.”

Plant based powder turns cooking oil into solid waste

You may have heard that you should never pour used cooking oil down the drain. This is because it congeals and clogs up pipes and sewer systems. In extreme cases, it can lead to fatbergs – an ossified deposit of oil, grease and other substances, like wet wipes, which should not be flushed. In 2015, a record-breaking 10-tonne fatberg broke a sewer in Chelsea in the UK,  costing £400,000 to fix. Now, a new product promises to make gunked up pipes a thing of the past.

FryAway is a plant-based powder that transforms liquid oil to a solid that can then be easily scooped into the rubbish. The company’s founder, Laura Lady, previously working in marketing and product development for children’s toys. She had heard about a similar product in Japan and decided to develop her own solution. Lady conducted research into ways to solidify oil and hit upon hydrogenation. Read more about this product in the article linked in the title!

Bäckerei Krümel opens doors in Efteling

Bäckerei Krümel, the new restaurant and traditional bakery on the Max & Moritz Square in the Efteling theme park (in the south of the Netherlands), opened its doors on December 4. In the restaurant, traditional oven products such as baked goods and pizza’s are served. The restaurant has 125 seats inside and 50 outside, is sustainably built and is heated without gas.

Bäckerei Krümel and the selection of products are inspired by the Alpine landscape and the mischief of Max and Moritz. Project manager Horeca Melvin van Brakel explains: “The building is reminiscent of a cozy German Konditorei with the nostalgic double deck oven as the center piece. The oven is used to bake products for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Healthier alternatives are also offered, such as whole grain or vegetable varieties, and there are diet-friendly and vegetarian toppings. Read more about the bakery in the link in the title.

Jeune Restaurateurs Europe rewards entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

Ellen Kinkartz of restaurant Atelier in Gulpen was named Hostess of the Year 2022 by restaurant association JRE-Nederland on Tuesday November 30. Marijn van de Worp of Restaurant Fizzy in Epe can call himself Chef of the Year 2022 and the award for Restaurant of the Year went to Restaurant Lokaal in Hotel Villa Ruimzicht in Doetinchem.

JRE-Nederland is a Dutch restaurant association in which young and ambitious entrepreneurs have united and wants to reward remarkable entrepreneurship with these awards. The special thing of these awards is that the winners are chosen by the members themselves.

Pollinator Park | Exploring the future without bees in a VR experience

Pollinator Park is a VR experience that explores a future without bees and other pollen spreaders. After shopping for groceries in a pollinator-deprived world, set in 2050, users can repopulate the planet. The project was conceived by the EU Pollinators Initiative in collaboration with ‘archibiotect’ Vincent Callebaut.

Titanic: The Exhibition | Opens in London on December 17

Due to a wave of excitement, Titanic: The Exhibition will be sailing into London earlier than planned, as organisers have brought forward the opening date of the captivating exhibition.

The sinking of the RMS Titanic over 100 years ago has been featured in many a book, documentary and film. However, you’ll have never seen it like this – which is probably why Titanic: The Exhibition tickets are in such high demand that organisers have decided to bring forward the opening date! Originally due to open in February 2022, the exhibition will now arrive in town on December 17, placing the personal stories of those aboard the fateful voyager at the forefront of the display.

The exhibition, which has never before been displayed in the UK, will showcase over 200 original artefacts, as well as moving testimonies from those who survived the sunken ship, using dynamic audio guides and cabin reconstructions to take you back to April 15, 1912.

GoodMaps is changing the way people navigate retail stores, even for those  visually impaired

ASDA has partnered with GoodMaps in the UK, to help solve for these core navigation challenges shoppers face each day in their stores. With the GoodMaps indoor mapping and navigation technology, any shopper can now enter the store and use the GoodMaps Explore app to help them quickly find products and services they are looking for. GoodMaps prides itself on making the navigation experience completely accessible, ensuring that people who are blind or low vision, mobility impaired, and deaf or hard of hearing, can independently and confidently do their grocery shopping.

Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend Wine | A cookies & cream red wine blend

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about ‘La moutarde Vin’ in our trends we spotted week 41, an initiative of the mustard company Grey Poupon. We couldn’t imagine it would taste great but we even have more problems with this new wine!

OREO THINS has just announced an unforeseen collaboration with the #1 wine brand in the United States. Teaming up with Barefoot Wines, the two will be releasing a small batch of “Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend Wine.” Taking chocolate-wine paring to a new level, this red wine’s flavour is directly inspired by OREO THINS with notes of chocolate, cookies-and-creme, and oak joined by natural flavours of blackberry and dark cherries.

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