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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others, about an automatic Negroni machine in the underground cocktail bar Mr. Fogg’s in London and people living there can order IKEA’s Swedish meatballs through Uber Eats. Michelin released their ‘Cantonese Food Guide 2019’, this is the first Michelin guide that focuses on a cuisine, not a city or region. And also a link to a video  about the Avocaderia in Brooklyn and the EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) has developed a new food safety management approach that makes it simpler for small retailers to donate food. We also spotted a link to a great video about the process of making the Aviary Cocktail Book. And do you know where Zerobnb stands for? Or did you ever drink Kaffeost?

Eleven Madison Park | Offers their guests a box to stash away their smartphone and to enjoy the present moment

We’re following some chefs on Instagram and we saw this Instagram post by chef Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park: “Just outside our windows we’ve seen so many inspiring artists partner with Madison Square Park for local installations over the years, and the current installation, by the amazing local NYC artist Arlene Shechet, is no exception. It’s titled “Full Steam Ahead” and invites people to look up and appreciate the present moment, away from their phones and other distractions. Inspired by her exhibit, we’ve brought a touch of this into our restaurant, with guests presented with a box which they can place their phones into, encouraging them to enjoy the company of those at the table, and be just a bit more present with one another. It’s been so amazing to see how guests have embraced this in the dining room. #elevenmadisonpark #makeitnice”

Zerobnb | Wants sustainable home options listed on Airbnb

Zerobnb has created their own alternative accommodation listings only for sustainable properties. They love Airbnb but they want them to add a new category for sustainable home options. They launched their initiative at the International Day of Climate Action. The owner of Zerobnb will shutter the website once Airbnb adds a filter option to view its sustainable properties. As long as they don’t, those who want to book a sustainable home can book through zerobnb. For example the Nola Cabin in Helsinki!

The Aviary Cocktail Book

The book, a ‘must have’ for cocktail enthusiasts, shows great cocktail recipes from one of the most inspiring cocktail bars in the world, The Aviary. Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, the creators and owners of Alinea in Chicago, have teamed up with Allen and Sarah Hemberger, an artist duo from California, to make an extraordinary cocktail book for their cocktail bar The Aviary. You can order at the link above or check out the process of making the book in this YouTube video!

Food safety | Simplified approach to make food donations easier

EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) has developed a new food safety management approach that makes it simpler for small retailers to donate food. The simplified system would mean that retailers are not required to have detailed knowledge of specific hazards. It includes steps for checking that donated food is safe, such as shelf-life control, maintenance of the cold chain and ensuring communication between the donor and recipients.

Under the new system, retailers need only to be aware that biological, chemical and physical hazards or allergens may be present and that a failure to undertake key control activities – such as separation of raw from cooked products – could pose a risk to consumers. The approach is intended for food distribution centres, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and other small retailers. Ensuring the safety of donated food is particularly challenging because it may be nearing the end of its shelf life and also because several actors are involved in the food donation chain. The scientific opinion will assist food donors and recipients (food banks and other charity organizations) by defining simplified food safety management systems to ensure redistribution of safe food to those in need.

Avocaderia in Brooklyn, New York

A video by Refinery29 about the Avocaderia in Brooklyn, the world first avocado bar, according to their website. The have two locations, one in Brooklyn and the second in Manhattan. They sell all kind of merchandise which are sold under the motto ‘let’s avocuddle’ through their Avo Shop. They also have a cookbook. In the Netherlands, The Avocado Show just launched their first cookbook!

Londoners can order IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs through Uber Eats

IKEA’S famous Swedish meatballs can now be delivered to your door, if yoy live in London. It’s the first time the furniture giant’s famous meatballs can be delivered to your doorstep as they’re usually only available in the chain’s 21 UK stores. Londoners will be able to choose from three set menus on Uber Eats including the ‘Snug menu for two’ which includes Ikea’s famous Swedish meatballs. But the deal – which is on Uber Eats – is just for fans living in central London and it only lasts from this Friday (November 16) until Tuesday (November 20).

Kaffeost | Coffee cheese

In northern Scandinavia, cups of coffee get enhanced with cheese. The dried cheese, called juustoleipä, absorbs the steaming brew, softening without melting, like a rich, moist cheese sponge. Though it may be an unlikely pairing to some palates, among the Sami people of Lapland and other regions around northern Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia, sharing a mug of kaffeost is a welcome and welcoming ritual.

Back in 2011, we wrote about the combination of coffee and cheese, the Dutch Betty Koster of cheese store l’Amuse in Amsterdam and Mirjam Kooij of Simon Lévelt discovered the combination of coffee and cheese.

The Negroni machine of Mr. Fogg’s

We already mentioned the great opening idea of the underground cocktail bar Mr. Fogg’s in our ‘Trends we spotted in week 36’, in the above video an impression of the cocktail bar in London. We love the ball drop to announce your entrance and the Victorian automatic Negroni machine!

Ice hockey rink on the roof of Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Center

Floor17, the sky bar of the Ramada Apollo hotel Amsterdam Center, will have an ice hockey rink this winter. Last summer there was a roller skating rink on the roof. From 1 December you can play ice hockey or curling on their roof. The hotel regularly draws attention with special actions on the roof, as we wrote on horecatrends: spring 2017 you could be sleeping on the roof in transparent air-bubbles and Christmas 2016 you could play curling on the roof.

Michelin released the first guide that focuses on a cuisine

The Cantonese Food Guide 2019, is the first Michelin guide that focuses on a cuisine, not a city or region. The Cantonese food guide covers 291 restaurants in 15 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America that serve the style of cooking from China’s Guangdong Province. With all four of the high-end Cantonese restaurants with three Michelin stars, Táng Court in Hong Kong, Le Palais in Taipei, the Eight in Macau, and Lung King Heen in Hong Kong. Further 11 restaurants with two Michelin stars, 63 restaurants with one star, 62 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand and 151 restaurants with an Assiette (Plate) Michelin.

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