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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about healthy, immunity boosting shots whose popularity are growing rapidly. And we spotted a new environmentally friendly bentobox made from cocoa been peels which looks great for high end take-away meals!

For those who want to visit a corona-proof cinema, the ice cream company Blue Bunny created a food truck with outdoor movie screen! We would love to see a food truck like that next summer in the Netherlands!

We spotted a lot of new hard seltzers on the Dutch market this summer, with the latest addition, White Claw from the USA! Coca Cola will also release a Hard-Seltzer in the USA and we even spotted a Cannabis infused hard seltzer by Rebel Coast Winery.

In Seattle citizenM opened a new hotel, with a link to images at the website of concrete Amsterdam.  And we spotted another opening: the Sour Patch Kids store that will soon open for all candy lovers in New York!

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Healthy, immunity boosting shots becoming popular

Small shots with concentrated fruit juice, often with ginger, turmeric, wheatgrass, citrus, cayenne or pepper. The popularity of these shots increased significantly over the past years.  According to the author of this article at the website of Forbes, everyone using these shots, want to improve their immune system. Especially now with the COVID-19 impact! The healthy shot is seen as a quick and easy option. Great product to sell at lunch or coffee corners.

Reusable take-away containers made of peels of cacao beans

The focus on take-away meals did increase a lot, due to COVID-19. The demand for take-away containers – and also environmentally friendly take-away containers – has increased. London-based PriestmanGoode now offers a range of take-away containers made entirely from natural products. The range is called Zero and the bento-like containers are designed to be used for a wide range of foods. The containers are made of bioplastic derived from by-products of the cacao industry.

Like the Kaffeeform coffee cups made from coffee grounds we wrote about last year, these environmentally friendly take-away containers look great!

Sour Patch Kids store opened in New York

Fans of the iconic Sour Patch Kids sweets now have the chance to get their favourite sweets in the shop themselves! Mondelēz International, owner of the brand, has opened a Sour Patch Kids store. The shop, based in New York, will not only sell the regular assortment. They will also serve freak shakes, waffles and for example cotton candy, an Instagrammable store!

Funlightenment by Blue Bunny | Movie Screen at food truck

Blue Bunny, an ice cream company in the USA, has converted a truck into an outdoor cinema that also serves ice cream and topics. They have attached a gigantic film screen onto the vehicle. Besides a fantastic home-cinema theatre, ice creams and other delicacies are served during the movie! Make a reservation through Funlightenment.

White Claw | Popular Hard-Seltzer now also available in the Netherlands

In the United States it’s a megatrend: hard seltzers. The White Claw brand is a phenomenon in this. A fresh combination of sparkling water, natural fruit flavours and 4.5% alcohol. The popular drink is now available in Dutch supermarkets.

Coca-Cola releases its own Hard-Seltzer

Due to the increased popularity of hard-seltzers, Coca-Cola decided to release a hard-seltzer called Topo Chico. Earlier, Coca-Cola released an alcoholic beverage in Japan. This way the company continues its expansion in the alcohol world with a soon to be available hard-seltzer.

Hard-Seltzer with Cannabis now available

rst hard-seltzers in the Netherlands, where in the USA they already have a hard-seltzer infused with Cannabis. For the experienced Hard-Seltzer drinker!

citizenM opened in Seattle

With citizenM they go back to the future, inspired by the neighbourhood the boundaries between analogue and digital blur. The 7 storey building is positioned on the corner of John Street facing Denny Park and Westlake Avenue that runs all the way towards Lake Union. The area is home to the headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon and characterised by the iconic Space Needle.

The concept design of the architecture and interior is designed by concrete and executed by the Seattle team of Gensler. All 264 rooms are prefabricated modular units stacked on top of each other, creating a building with a series of large bedroom windows which are typical for the architecture of citizenM. Check out the images of the new hotel at the website of concrete Amsterdam.



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