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At Horecatrends we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others about the art of matching beers with desserts and a Pizza Run will be organized in London.

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The ’London Pizza Run’ combines a race with pizza breaks

An event inspired by NYC’s famous Pizza Run is coming to London. With its mix of carbs, protein, and cheese, pizza really is the original health food. That must be why New York City’s Pizza Run, a 5k race where participants must consume a slice of pizza each lap – is such a sensation.  It will take place on May 20 2018 but the exact location is still unknown.

Beer expert Anikó Lehtinen about the art of matching beer with desserts

Interesting interview with beer expert Anikó Lehtinen at the website of Fine Dining Lovers about matching beer with desserts. Just think of how surprised your guests will be if you serve them beer with dessert instead of sweet wine. She even gives some examples like: “Cheesecake pairs well with different Lambic beers from breweries such as Cantillon and Lindemans. With chocolate desserts like fondant or brownies, you should try a full-bodied and slightly toasty Imperial Stout.”

LOLIWARE | From edible cups to edible LOLISTRAWS

We just spotted the edible cup of US-based company LOLIWARE and now the same company raised almost $ 50,000 in a crowdfunding campaign for its edible LOLISTRAWS. LOLISTRAW is made from LOLIWARE’s patent-pending, seaweed-based material technology and is 100% PLASTIC-FREE, Hypercompostable, marine-degradable, and non-GMO. LOLISTRAW is designed to disappear or as their hashtag says: #Eatyourstraw. The product is made out of a seaweed-based substance and available in five flavours.

Lebo Kaas introduces Cheese Tea in the Netherlands

November last year we wrote about Cheese Tea and now Lebo Cheese will bring this special combination on the Dutch market. Guests at the Dutch hospitality fair Horecava were able to have a taste of the cheese tea.

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