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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others: wouldn’t it be a great idea if KLM started handing out ‘stroopwafel’ chewing gum during take-off and landing?

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Air France chewing gum with the taste of France | KLM how about ‘stroopwafel’ chewing gum?

Air France started selling chewing gum with the taste of either pistachio-macaroon or crème brûlée on their flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles and San Francisco. No more popping of your ears during take-off and landing. Their ‘gomme à mâcher’ is for sale at the airline’s website as well and for just €3.50 or $3.99, anyone can purchase a pack of 12. KLM, can we suggest ‘stroopwafel’ (the famous Dutch caramel waffles) chewing gum?

Granny helps smombies cross the street

A spot-on awareness campaign by the Brazilian cookie brand Biscoitos Zezé. We all know that the smartphone zombies (smombies) are dangerous in traffic, in their cars and on bikes. The ad by the cookie brand Zezé addresses the walking smombies. They made an ad in which an old granny helped smombies cross a dangerous intersection. Nothing to do with hotels, restaurants, hotels or leisure but we spotted it and it brightened our day! And by the way selling cookies has also nothing to do with smombies as well, but humour does raise awareness about the dangers of mobile use in public. Also a great read is the indicated trend smombie urbanism.

KFC’s K Pro restaurant in Hangzhou, China sells healthier dishes

No mashed potatoes or gravy at KFC’s K Pro but salads and paninis. They offer their guests healthier fast food options and use only the freshest ingredients. For the branding of its new venture, KFC swapped its bold red colour scheme for a fresh green and white version.

Zhongshuge Book Store, Chengdu, China

Bookstore have been amazoned and tableted but somehow those bookstores that offer real-life experiences when we shop, seems to be coming back. Increasingly bookstores do include coffee shops, reading nooks, author events and knowledgeable staff but now Zhonghuge Book Store in Chengdu, China even includes architecture to attract their book buyers! Bookstore owner and book publisher Jin Hao in Shanghai has persistently believed in bookstores in China. He went back to the drawing board and invited Shanghai-based designer Li Xiang of XL-Muse to help him reimagine the book buying experience.  His 10,000 square-foot (930 Square metres) store in a mall in Hangzhou is his concept store: Vast spaces, mirrored ceilings, whimsical shelving, nature-inspired quirkiness. Check out the great images at the Coolhunter.

Impressive visualisation of the development of Airbnb in Amsterdam

Have a look at the movie by clicking the title above. Every dot in the movie is the first time an apartment is rented out via Airbnb, with the name of the owner. Kor Dwarshuis made the same visualisation also for Barcelona and he is working on Berlin and New York, impressive!

Restaurant Dirty Bones is handing out Instagram kits to snap the perfect photo

We wouldn’t want to be a chef and having to watch all the awful, #foodporn images circulating the internet of your careful prepared dishes. At their new Soho location in London, restaurant Dirty Bones is circumventing this issue by giving diners their own Instagram kits. The free kits come with everything needed for the perfect Instagram photo: a LED camera light, clip-on wide angle camera lens, multi-device charger and even a tripod selfie stick for overhead table shots. The restaurant itself has also been designed with the “Instagram universe” in mind, allowing customers enough room and natural light to take well-composed photographs. Even the restaurant’s menu has been curated for social media, as it is updated frequently with trending dishes to reflect what’s popular online.

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