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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others the futuristic Hyperloop hotel and the pilot of the premium version of Airbnb.

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Hyperloop Hotel | Zoom between cities in a luxury room will this be the future?

Brendan Siebrecht is the student winner of this year’s Radical Innovation Award, a competition for imaginative hotel designs. He created the Hyperloop Hotel in which he combines accommodation and transportation into one simple design. A hyperloop futuristic transportation system combined with accommodation. Your room within one hotel chain, will be moved through the hyperloop from city to city.

iLost reached 25.00 ‘happy losers’

We wrote about iLost at the start of this year, it’s nice to see how fast organisations can grow. Last week, we were notified that they reached a new milestone: iLost has returned 25,000 items to their owners. In addition, 100,000 objects have already been placed on the platform.

Airbnb | Premium version

Airbnb Inc. started a pilot of a luxury version of itself at the end of June, the new service is expected to attract older, wealthier travelers. The new service will match guests with quality-inspected home and apartment rentals. The product is intended to attract higher-paying travelers who prefer the amenities guaranteed by fancy hotels. Airbnb will work with a selected group of hosts for the launch, they will send Airbnb inspectors into hosts’ homes to ensure they meet a checklist of quality standards designated by the company. If the homes pass the inspection they will be eligible for a featured section of Airbnb’s website and mobile apps. The company has been encouraging hosts to behave more like hoteliers, but this is the first time premium rooms will be packaged into a distinct product with official inspections and incentives for participants.

Bed ‘N’ Binge Retreat in London lets you unplug from the world

London brings you a Netflix-dedicated Bed ‘N’ Binge Retreat. The experience has been created by Three, in partnership with Samsung, which allows you to binge on mobiles as well. You will be handed a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ before beginning your marvelous one-night bingeing escape in one of their exquisite fifteen private cabins (each of which sleeps two). There will be hands-free docking stations for bathroom-bingeing. There is an access to TVPlayer as well.

Catch your own fish at Japanese restaurant Zauo in Chelsea

You’ll need a fishing pole at the soon-to-open Zauo, the restaurant where diners can fish for their dinner is debuting in Chelsea. Another Japanese chain opening in New York, Zauo will open its three-floor restaurant at 152 West 24th Street, where diners on the first two levels can sit in a “boat” and reel in fish from a tank stocked with ten different kinds of fish. We wrote about the Japanese chain before and one thing it takes the phrase ‘line caught’ to a whole new meaning! We wonder when and where they will open their first Zauo in Europe!

5 year anniversary Steinbeisser’s Experimentel Gastronomy in Amsterdam

Upcoming October the fifth anniversary of Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy is celebrated at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. Especially for this occasion, the highly acclaimed chefs Kristian Baumann (from Noma’s new restaurant 108 in Copenhagen), Daniel Burns (the chef behind the Michelin-star beer pairing restaurant Luksus in New York), and Andreas Rieger (from einsunternull, the rising star of the culinary scene in Berlin) are invited to create a vegetable menu of organic and local seasonal ingredients, which will be served with special cutlery and crockery. An intriguing set of conceptual but useful cutlery and crockery designed by 50 artists and jewellery designers for dinners in Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Saratoga and Zurich, will be presented for the first time outside the dinner evenings. In the article on the New Yorker a video about the design of this kind of evenings.

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