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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

To combat food waste IKEA is launching a free ScrapsBook cookbook in the USA and Coffee tech start-up Bellwether Coffee is going to commit to paying Colombian farmer 20% with the help of a new innovative tool.

Asda supermarket in the UK is launching cocktail-flavoured spirits to easily make cocktails at home, something we spotted before with Neon Zebra! And an interesting article about the future of hospitality technology with a lot of interesting insights.

Now that the pubs have reopened in England the brewers cannot handle the high demand for beer, and here in the Netherlands the NENT Group will be launching Viaplay in 2022, with the exclusive rights to broadcast Formula 1 and Bundesliga.

For the ones interested in technology, Google held their annual conference this week and announced their Project Starline, a new more realistic way to #videochat!  And in London a Chocolate Factory will be opening this year, in this article the link to the waiting list!

The Sutter Home Family Viveyards created sweet wines with fruit flavours like peach and pineapple! Would young people like to drink that in Europe as well? For beerlovers there is now a vacuum cleaner and beer cooler in one; the Brewmboni from Molson Canadian. Perfect for game-night.

The Higher Order Smokers created a way to simply smoke a cocktail or snack, their project at Kickstarter is already backed! And for when you are looking for an easy way to make a cup of coffee: also on Kickstarter, coffee in the form of bags! Just as easy as making yourself a cup of tea.

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IKEA’s ScrapsBook cookbook for free in the USA to battle food waste

Fifty 50 clever recipes, “created in collaboration with chefs across North America,” along with numerous waste-saving tips, IKEA’s ScrapsBook cookbook teaches at-home chefs of all skill levels how to transform their food waste and any forgotten item in the back of the fridge into something delectable. More at the website of Coolhunting, link in the title. The ScrapsBook cookbook PDF from IKEA is downloadable for free.

Coffee tech startup commits to paying Colombian farmers 20% more to achieve a living income

Interesting topic in this article at the website of Forbes, link in the title. Where coffee was once a way out of poverty in countries like Bolivia, it is now a strong driver of migration to the United States. With the opacity of market pricing, coffee tech startup Bellwether Coffee is turning to a new tool, the Verified Living Income (VLI) Indicator, to determine sustainable pricing for smallholder coffee farmers, and adjust their pricing in contracts accordingly.

Another product line to make easy cocktails at home

Asda supermarket in the UK has brought out some new products that are designed to save time and energy when it comes to making cocktails. They have launched three new cocktail-flavoured spirits: Passion Fruit Martini Vodka, Mojito Rum and Strawberry Daiquiri Rum. The only thing you have to do at home is mix it with the suggested drink on the bottle and garnish it. More at the website of Metro, link in the title. We did spot more (almost) ready made cocktails, like the Neon Zebra line of PepsiCo.

What’s next for hospitality tech

Another great article at the website of Forbes, link in the title. An article by Angelica Krystle Donati about new hospitality concepts like serviced apartment proptech startups Mint House, Kasa Living and WhyHotel. Most of them fully contactless, lots of technology like digital check-in and check-out, a digital concierge service, branded room service via its ghost kitchens and fitness possibilities in either the room or building. Very interesting to read.

Brewers can’t handle the high demand for beer in the UK

Would this happen here in the Netherlands as well? The British were allowed to visit their pubs again since April 12, and now Heineken has reportedly been forced to temporarily limit the number of kegs of Birra Moretti. This is one of England’s more popular draft lagers, and now British pubs are only allowed to order to just three kegs per week to fend off a more serious shortage.

“Demand for Birra Moretti and Amstel has totally surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, and our breweries are working round the clock to deal with this high level of demand,” Heineken UK said in a statement provided to MailOnline. “We are working with our customers to offer alternative beers from the extensive Heineken UK range of brands as we increase production.” More facts about the reopening month in the article on Food & Wine, link in the title.

NENT Group to launch Viaplay in the Netherlands with exclusive Formula 1® and Bundesliga rights

Interesting for those (sport) bars that love to broadcast Formula 1 events. Viaplay will be launched in Q1 2022. Broad content offering to include exclusive live Formula 1® and Bundesliga coverage, along with Viaplay Originals, international films and series, and kids content. NENT Group targets at least 4.5 million international Viaplay subscribers by end of 2025, while growing its Nordic subscriber base to approximately 6 million at the same time

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region’s leading streaming company, will launch its Viaplay streaming service in the Netherlands in Q1 2022 as the next step in its ongoing international expansion. Viaplay will become the exclusive Dutch home of Formula 1® in a three-year deal to 2024. More at the press release, link in the title.

Project Starline | A next generation 3D video chat booth

Google held their annual I/O developer conference last week. Besides many other developments they announced was Project Starline. This platform leverages multiple cameras and sensors to create a three-dimensional model of the user in real-time and the person on the other end of the line can see that image. Check out the video below! (text continues below). And for those really interested in tech, this video is a 9 minutes round-up from the conference, with changes in for example maps, they will start to give you the most fuel-efficient route to your destinations.

A magical immersive Chocolate Factory will open in London this year

At The Chocolate Factory, the feeling of immersion into a sweet-themed world is absolute. The multisensory experience at The Chocolate Facture, promises to be absolute heaven for sweet lovers of all ages, with all your favourite treats used to construct this cathedral of candy. You’ll find this secret candyland somewhere in central London, the exact location is being kept under wraps for the moment. More at the website Secret London, link in the title and maybe even better: in the article a link to subscribe to the waiting list!

Sweet wines with fruit infusions like Sweet Peach, Wild Berry and Tropical Pineapple

Fruit Infusions is a new line of sweet wines from Sutter Home Family Vineyards that’s infused with real fruit juice and natural fruit flavors. The premium Californian wines are said to be sweet, juicy and refreshing with light effervescence to enhance the experience of consuming varieties like Sweet Peach, Wild Berry and Tropical Pineapple. As I like a great glass of wine, I am not the targeted drinker for these sweet wines! But it made me realize that our generation started with Zeller Schwarze Katz, a real sweet German wine, back in our days! So wouldn’t young people in Europe like to start with wine infused with real fruit juice?  ^Marjolein

Molson Canadian Introduces the Brewmboni | Part vacuum, part cooler, all hockey

The Brewmboni is a mini robot vacuum turned beer cooler that will keep your floors sparkling and your beer cold, all the way from puck drop and until well after the fans clear out. As the pandemic has shown, the best seat in the house on game night is your house, and no game would be complete without an ice resurfacer rolling out in between periods. That’s why Molson is reimagining this iconic hockey symbol with the launch of the Molson Brewmboni. It has a whisper quiet motor, a sleek aerodynamic design, the ability to detect hard to clean messes, and a game night compartment perfectly molded to hold up to four Molson Canadian tall boys. A game-time companion that you didn’t know you were looking for. More at PR Newswire, link in the title.

High order drink smokers

A Kickstarter project (link in the title) for luxury hardwood cocktail companions. They’re all designed and made in Tampa Florida and each smoker has a reservoir on top to place flavored woodchip blends. A culinary torch is then used to burn the wood blend and allow the smoke to billow down into your favorite drink. It can be used to ‘smoke’ cheese and charcuterie as well. Looks like a great way to easily smoke drinks and small foods!

Vuna Coffee Rituals| The simplest coffee brew in a bag

Also a Kickstarter project (link in the title and already backed), enjoy single-serve specialty coffee bags that brew in minutes, just like a tea bag. Choose from 4 fun flavors for every mood. Vuna Coffee Rituals has started with one thing in mind: figure out how to create a specialty coffee option that’s easy to brew, made sustainably, and that you can have anywhere. The most important part was to ensure that it would be incredibly delicious for everyone, from the coffee aficionado to the casual drinker.

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