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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week, links to articles about amongst others about a Japanese-Style Basque Cheesecake from Basuku, it sounds delicious! And Orbital Assembly plans to start building private Voyager space station with artificial gravity in 2025, the first hotel in space.

A link to an article about the Dutch initiative Share That Kitchen, they want to become a kind of Airbnb for professional kitchens. And ‘Quatreau’ CBD drinks launched in the US, it sounds like a Hard Seltzer drink with CBD and we wonder whether these kind of drinks will come to the Netherlands as well.

PepsiCo is shaking up the cocktail mixer category with the launch of Neon Zebra, a new line of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers in 7.5oz mini-cans. Create 2 cocktails with one can in an instant! And an exceptional payment in the spirits industry, a transaction in Bitcoin between a supplier and distributor.

Onmateria created a Green Box. The Green Box, an amenity kit designed to tackle plastic waste in the hotel industry. And in 2025 the first Nobu Hotel in Germany will open in Hamburg, The Elbtower Hamburg.

Open for 1 month in April 2021: Candytropolis Sugar Rush, a safe, open-air, walk-through family adventure in California. And we loved this ice cream: ‘Not Fried Chicken’ Ice cream! We think it might inspire Dutch ice cream creators to make kroket, bitterbal or frikandel ice cream. Very #Instagrammable!

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

A Japanese-Style Basque Cheesecake

We tasted the Basque Cheesecake at Cake & Bubbles by Albert Adrià at the Hotel Café Royal in London, it was in one word: delicious or maybe this old Dutch saying is better: ‘alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest’ (to be translated: ‘like an angel pissing on your tongue’). We recently read an article at the website of Food and Wine about a Japanese-Style Basque Cheesecake, we can’t wait to taste that one!

The biggest cult dessert of 2020 according to the Food & Wine website (link in the title) is ‘a mash-up between the traditional Basque cake and a Japanese soufflé’. Its creator is Charles Chen from Oakland and his cheesecake is very popular in the Bay area but he is now plotting nationwide shipping. Chen, a culinary consultant is the man behind Basuku, a 6-inch, incredibly photogenic Basque cheesecake made with Japanese-inspired techniques. Currently available for weekend pre-order and pickup at four restaurants in San Francisco, Oakland, and Palo Alto, as well as through “flash sales” Chen organizes himself.



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Een bericht gedeeld door BASUKU (@basukucheesecakes)

A hotel in space | Orbital Assembly plans to start building private Voyager space station with artificial gravity in 2025

Voyager Station will be able to accommodate 400 guests, its builders, Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), say. In the article at an image of the visualization of the rotating Voyager Station, which will support scientific experiments and also function as a ‘space hotel’ for tourists. More at the website of (link in the title) or if you’re really interested check out the video below, it will take an hour! (the text continuous below the video)

ShareThatKitchen | Solution for lack of kitchen space for delivery?

We regularly write about how restaurants should integrate take-out and delivery into their daily business after the pandamic. An interesting development is ShareThatKitchen, the link to Food Inspiration is unfortunately in Dutch (link in the title). This platform links the overcapacity of professional kitchens with entrepreneurs who want to continue their delivery service after the lockdown but don’t have capacity in the kitchen. They want to become a kind of Airbnb for professional kitchens. A Dutch initiative.

Quatreau’ CBD drinks launched in the US

Canopy Growth Corporation, the Canadian cannabis firm backed by New York-based alcohol company Constellation Brands STZ, has officially launched its CBD-infused sparkling waters in the United States. Called Quatreau, the new ready-to-drink beverages come in four flavors — Cucumber + Mint, Passion Fruit + Guava, Ginger + Lime, and Blueberry + Acai — and feature 20 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD per 12 oz. serving. The Quatreau served in Canada does include THC, the psychoactive compound found cannabis, the version sold in the US does not. More information at the website of Forbes, link in the title. We wonder if this is the next craze in the beverage world after Hard Seltzer that will come to Europe?

Exceptional payment in the spirits industry | a transaction of Bitcoin between a supplier and distributor

Highclere Castle Spirits and Heritage Wine and Spirits based out of Kentucky have transacted the first payment between supplier and distributor in Bitcoin. With Bitcoin near record highs, this is believed to be the first transaction in the world within the spirits industry. More in the press release at prnewswire, link in the title. Would you accept Bitcoin payment? It looks like the system is gaining a lot of popularity!

PepsiCo’s latest innovation Neon Zebra™ is primed to disrupt the cocktail mixer category

PepsiCo is shaking up the cocktail mixer category with the launch of Neon Zebra, a new line of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers with a vibrant personality that offers a shortcut to great-tasting-cocktails in seconds. A modern alternative to complicated cocktail recipes or large format cocktail mixers, each 7.5oz mini-can of Neon Zebra mixed with your spirit of choice, makes two tasty cocktails without the fuss. Made with real juice and no artificial sweeteners, Neon Zebra mixers don’t compromise on taste. These non-alcoholic cocktail mixers come in four flavors: Margarita Mix, Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, Mojito Mix and Whiskey Sour Mix. More in their press release at prnewswire, link in the title.

The Green Box by Onmateria | Sustainable amenity kit for hotels

Onmateria is a design collective that’s catalysing positive change through design and awareness. The created a Green Box. The Green Box, an amenity kit designed to tackle plastic waste in the hospitality industry by helping hotels to transition to a circular economy, and thus avoid the waste generated by the millions of toiletries thrown away each year. Every part of the Green Box is made from bio-sourced, biodegradable and compostable materials. This allows the hotels to industrially compost and organically recycle the items in a controlled environment, leaving behind soil and biogas after 10 weeks of the methanization process and creating green energy. More at the website of Springwise, link in the title.

Candytropolis Sugar Rush | A safe, open-air, walk-through family adventure in California

An interactive massive Candytropolis will rise in the LA valley! A candy-fueled SoCal walk-through experience for the entire family will soon emerge in Woodland Hills. Sugar Rush is a safe, dynamic, open-air on foot adventure through an expansive, 50,000+ square foot, multi-world utopia. Sugar Rush – a distanced, limited-capacity experience – is a fun-filled oasis flooded with colourfully sweet installations, oversized props, art displays, custom parade floats, whimsical sets, countless curated photo ops, performances, immersive tunnels, geodesic domes, and multiple candy-powered interactions. More in the press release at prnewswire, link in the title. Here in the Netherlands, a sugar rush is associated with diabetes, but this innovative event comes to families from Experiential Supply, the team behind the tremendously popular Hauntoween LA and WonderLAnd drive-throughs, which kept the holidays fun and safe in 2020.

‘Not Fried Chicken’ Ice cream | reinvented childhood treats with a sense of humour

Spotted at Twitter by Food Beast (link in the title) – ice cream drumsticks that look like fried chicken! Is seems to be an older recipe but we never saw it before. It’s created by a six-time finalist for the James Beard Awards’ Outstanding Pastry Chef, Chef Cynthia Wong. She turned her attention to the wide world of ice cream with Life Raft Treats, South Carolina’s only chef-driven artisan ice cream truck. It looks just like a fried chicken drumstick, but it’s actually an intricate ice cream creation, complete with a chocolate-covered cookie “bone” and a coating of caramelized white chocolate and crushed corn flakes! It’s as fun to eat as it is insanely delicious. We found it here. Time for all ice parlours in the Netherlands to create a Dutch treat in ice cream, like a kroket, bitterbal or frikandel! We think they will be Instagrammable!

Hamburg is getting the first Nobu Hotel in Germany | The Elbtower Hamburg

Nobu Hospitality – an exclusive lifestyle brand founded by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper – is coming to Germany. An exclusive hotel and restaurant is being built in the David Chipperfield-designed Elbtower. The opening is planned for 2025, after completion of the high-rise project. As real estate developer, Nobu Hospitality is teaming up with Signa Real Estate for the project. More details at the website of, link in the title.

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