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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others a marshmallow café is about to open in Chicago and HelloFresh launches a wine delivery service.

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A marshmallow café will open soon in Chicago

Soon, the XO Marshmallow ladies will open the first marshmallow shop in Chicago. At XO Marshmallow you can enjoy hand-crafted marshmallows that are available in flavors such as: Champagne, Nutella, passionfruit, coffee, Bourbon and salted caramel. The marshmallows are made from fresh fruits. For the alcohol consisting marshmallows, booze from a local distillery is used. Next to marshmallows they also make nice marshmallow-creations. The MarsHalo for instance is a marshmallow shaped donut (linking back to the shape of a Halo).

A ‘deep-fried snack’ festival in the Netherlands

Yet another festival in the Netherlands, this time a ‘deep-fried’ snack festival! This ‘fat’ party takes place today in Leeuwarden, a city in the north of the Netherlands. During the festival, no healthy snacks or superfoods are served, only Dutch traditional snacks. At Café Neushoorn the deep-fryer will start frying your favorite snacks from 2 p.m. onwards. The most important event during the day is the croquet design competition. The winner of the competition will win 100 kilograms croquets of his/her crafted recipe.

HelloFresh launched new wine delivery service in the United States

This week, HelloFresh, world’s leading meal kit delivery brand launch its HelloFresh Wine, offering people monthly wine subscriptions complete with pairing suggestions, tasting notes, and flavor profiles. With wines from all over the world, the service allows subscribers to enjoy HelloFresh-selected wines on all occasions, from dinner parties to casual nights in. A few weeks ago, Stacy Gordon, HelloFresh US Chief Product Officer said the following: “We are thrilled to announce our wine service and offer our customers yet another way to not only simplify home cooking, but make it fun. Buying and pairing wine is typically overwhelming, and we look forward to making it easy and enjoyable with delicious wines that open up the HelloFresh cooking experience beyond the final plate.”

Rose Kit Kat for Mother’s day

Nestlé Japan created Rose Kit Kats to celebrate Mother’s Day with a decidedly decadent and limited-edition option for children to give to their moms. The chocolates are only available from the Kit Kat Chocolatory stores in Japan and features the classic Kit Kat topped with cranberries and rose petals. This brings a floral flavor to the chocolates that make them a fragrant experience to enjoy as well as an edible substitute to the traditional bouquets that are received on Mother’s Day. This is not the first time Kit Kat Japan developed ‘interesting’ Kit Kats. In February we wrote about Kit Kat sushi’s, the chocolate-coated wafer bar with its distinct crunch, on puffed rice wrapped in seaweed.

StayOkay Utrecht-centrum opens a Miffy room

Hostelchain Stayokay opened, Wednesday the 10th of May a Miffy-room in Stayokay Utrecht-Centrum. Stayokay Utrecht-Centrum was recently nominated for the Entree Hospitality & Style Award in the category Best Hotel Concept. The room that can be booked for up to four people is completely decorated in Miffy-style. The room features Miffy-lamps, a Miffy-fatboy, – wallpaintings, towels and bed linen. In the hotel room, children can enjoy everything with their favorite bunny. When the night falls, they’ll sleep under the Miffy-starry sky. Hostelmanager Eric van der Hulst says the following: “In contrast to Dick Bruna’s death, the Miffy-room has born. On the first place unintentional, but yet a nice tribute to Dick Bruna. Bruna’s mission to provide children with more space to show their fantasies, will be achieved in the Miffy room. The children are stimulated to individually explore themselves at the Miffy museum. You’ll find photos of the room in the article.

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