Sushi-inspired Kit Kats | The well-known sweet treat on crispy puffed rice wrapped with seaweed


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A strange idea isn’t it? The well-known sweet treat Kit Kat, the chocolate-coated wafer bar with its distinct crunch, on puffed rice wrapped in seaweed. At least, that is what we think. From today onwards these sweet ‘sushi’s’ created by Nestlé will be available at the first street-facing Kit Kat Chocolatory specialty shop at the Ginza district in Tokyo. Other Kit Kat Chocolatory shops in Japan are located in department stores or in underground areas. Okay real sushi fans might not be happy with this…but it’s a great gimmick, don’t you think?

Three different ‘sushi’ flavours

The KITKATs are available in three different flavours: Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg), and Uni (sea urchin). The Maguro has a refreshing taste similar to tuna that combines white chocolate with a soft sweetness and tartness of raspberries. The Tomago has a gentle similar taste to omelette that combines the sweetness of creamy pumpkin with the puffed rice which is wrapped in seaweed. The Uni has a rich and similar taste to sea urchin and will combine the creamy sweetness of Hokkaido cantaloupe with the flavours of mascarpone cheese, wrapped in seaweed. All the ‘sushi’s’
will have a hint of wasabi. Why doesn’t Nestlé sell these sushi’s in Europe? It might be great to serve them with coffee after you have eaten the real stuff. We spotted a lot of sweet sushi’s before but these look great!

April Fool’s joke became reality

On last year’s April Fool’s day, Kit Kat Japan fooled its citizens by advertising that sushi Kit Kat’s were going to become available for sale. This time, the joke became reality. These sushi inspired Kit Kat’s are only available between the 2nd and 14th of February. They expect that all of these sushi’s will be gone at a fast pace.

Other unexpected available Kit Kat flavours in Japan

Besides the white, milk and dark chocolate flavours, the Kit Kat specialty shops in Japan are also selling unexpected flavours such as; different kinds of fruit, Edamame Soybean, Purple Sweet Potato, Japanese Chili, Hamburger and more.

Website: Nestle

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