Sushi as inspiration


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Over the years we have had several variants of ‘Sushi’ at which can easely be used by restaurant owners. Like the German ‘Goshi‘, a sushi with European flavors or the Wichy, a sushi at sandwich-size. In 2011 there was an attempt to bring a sweeter rice variant with fruit, Frushi, on the market in the Netherlands. In Australia, somebody invented the squared sushi and in 2010 we spotted the first sushi sorbet, a dessert you can eat with chopsticks. For pancake restaurants a sushi made from pancakes is a nice appetizer. There are also recipes for sushi sweets and chocolates available on the internet. The shape and taste combination of sushi are perfect to combine with other flavors and ingredients. Catering Hanenburg of cookery school ‘Lokaal 55’, combines Frisian (North of the Netherlands) ingredients and tapas, but also Frisian sushi with smoked eel from the Sneekermeer at a sushi rolls from beetroot with a cream of potato. Use the sushi once as inspiration.

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