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  • THE MIGHTY CHEESE' - limited burger at THE BUTCHERTHE MIGHTY CHEESE' - limited burger at THE BUTCHER

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week’s links to articles about among others Tesla’s GigaBier and a culinary experience, ‘Backstage at De Librije (***)’..

High-end burger bar THE BUTCHER recently announced the introduction of extra special limited edition burgers and a McDonald’s outlet in Batumi, Georgia has a special exterior completely made of glass, link to photos.

For fans of Fanta: they have created a new perfume called ‘Scent of Fanta’ and a special place for a Starbucks shop in the middle of a botanical greenhouse in Japan.

In Helsinki, the VAloHalli opened which is a showroom and entertaiment centre by Valo Motion, where, among other things, you can play 6-player digital games in the ValoArena. With video! And in New York and Chicago, a pop-up Malibu Barbie Café opens in May. An idea by Bucket Listers.

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Tesla GigaBier

Seen on – where else – Twitter: Tesla GigaBier. The bottle is designed to resemble the shape of the Cybertruck while honoring the 500-year tradition of brewing beer according to the German Reinheitsgebot. The limited edition pilsner beer is brewed in Berlin. Check out their website for more information, link in the title.

Culinary experience | Backstage at De Librije (***)

A unique behind-the-scenes look. In a private dining setting, your party becomes a part of De Librije. The chefs prepare their dishes right before your eyes, and you can even actively participate in making a dish. It’s a true culinary experience! We happened to have recently dined at De Librije and saw the space where you can enjoy the backstage experience. We highly recommend it! For more details, visit their website, link in the title, or check out the video below.

Limited edition burgers at THE BUTCHER

High-end burger bar THE BUTCHER recently announced the introduction of their extra special limited edition burgers. Since 2012, they have been known for their classics, but now they are offering completely new variations every so often. Until April 30th, you can enjoy ‘THE MIGHTY CHEESE’, a combination of bacon and cheese. In 2023, THE BUTCHER will have nine locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Berlin, Ibiza, and Manchester.

McDonald’s location entirely made out of glass

McDonald’s has nearly 40,000 locations around the world, but some stand out for their unique design. One such location is in Batumi, Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea. Constructed in 2013, the location features a modern look with a reflective glass exterior, glass stairwells, and minimal black and white decor with wood accents. The building sits atop a gas station, connecting to the drive-thru. More details in the article on Foodbeast, link in the title.

Fanta has created a new fragrance, ‘Scent of Fanta’, inspired by Fanta Orange

Fanta has created its first-ever wearable creations inspired by classic Fanta Orange, a fruity orange soda bottled into a bold, fruity orange scent. Fanta hosted a three-day interactive pop-up event in Los Angeles from April 13-15 to showcase the scent. More details in the article on Foodbeast, link in the title.

ValoHalli by Valo Motion opened in Helsinki

Finnish company Valo Motion, which develops ‘phygital’ activities combining physical activity with an interactive digital application, has recently opened ValoHalli, an urban leisure centre and showroom in Helsinki. ValoHalli™ offers an augmented reality climbing wall, interactive games on trampolines and air tracks and ValoArena, a game arena for up to six players. There is also a dining area with tables and benches. We wrote about their interactive climbing wall in 2016. Check out their website, link in the title or watch the interactive game in the video below.

A botanical Starbucks in Japan

There is a Starbucks outlet inside the Hana Biyori greenhouse, which is part of a larger garden managed by the popular amusement park, Yomiuriland. Especially during the rainy season, when the weather is unpredictable and sudden downpours are not uncommon, this botanical Starbucks is a great place to enjoy greenery over a cup of coffee while keeping dry.

Pop-up Malibu Barbie Café will open in New York and Chicago

Bucket Listers, the company behind many popular pop-culture pop-ups like the Golden Girls Cafe, is bringing the brand-new Malibu Barbie Cafe experience to New York City and Chicago. As of May 17 till September 15 this family friendly café with a ‘beachside energy’ will serve fast -casual food, exclusive merch and the possibility to take Instagram images inside a life-size Barbie box.

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