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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others, a link to an article about a taco that is served in a coffin and is too hot to handle and a list of expected restaurant openings in London in the near future. Links to an article with the 11 biggest restaurant trends for 2019 according to chefs and will cocktail shooters become popular in 2019? And are you craving for ice cream as night snack? Then you must read this article about the start-up nightfood’s and their ‘sleep-friendly’ ice cream.

Click on the title if you would to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

 Taco served in a coffin | Too hot to handle

A video by Thrillist, about the way these Mexican restaurants serve their taco’s in a coffin! They seem too hot to handle! But it might be an inspiration for Mexican restaurants all over the world. It’s an idea of Gringo’s Tacos and they call it the Reaper Taco Challenge. Gringo’s Tacos has 2 locations in Hersey city (NJ) and Staten Island (NY). For these taco’s they use the Carolina Reaper, a pepper known as the hottest pepper on the planet.

Are you going to London in 2019 | A list with restaurant openings in the near future

With openings like Parillan at the Coal Drops Yard in May. This is a new concept of the Barrafina stable (about which we wrote in our article about the Coal Drops Yard). Parillan will feature table top parilla grills where guests can cook their own dishes when it opens outside their Barrafina location. Read about more openings on the website of Big Hospitality, they even give a hint that maybe Eleven Madison Park will open at the Claridge’s hotel and IT Ibiza is coming to London this year.

The 11 biggest restaurant trends of 2019 | According to chefs

An article at the website of Food and Wine in which they tapped 13 forward-thinking chefs from around the USA to talk about what they expect to see in the coming year. They talk about:

  • Kelp
  • French classics
  • Phone-free dining
  • More elevated bar and lounges where both the drinks and food are very experimental
  • More people will eat at home (meaning more to-go, meal-prep packaging etc.)
  • Luxury ingredients served in a very simple fashion with self-service
  • Fresh plant-based ingredients to create delicious meals that aren’t just alternatives to meat, but complete dishes on their own.

More trends and explanations at their website!

Fancy cocktail shots | Will cocktail shooters become popular in 2019?

An article at the website of Eater about the cocktail shots at Mood Ring, a bar nestled underneath the subway tracks in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here patrons in leather jackets, Lolita-style dresses with sneakers, and band T-shirts with cut-off sleeves serve the shots. Guests order off a menu on a TV monitor behind the circular bar advertising a monthly ‘Horoscope Cocktail’ special, drinks with names like ‘Petty’ and ‘Gucci Belt’, and elaborate, brightly coloured shots. The writer tasted the ‘Aux Cord’, a speciality shot that the bar serves for $5 each. It’s like a tiny bloody mary: vodka, tomato juice, Sriracha, Tabasco. Also Dutch cocktails as our famous ‘kopstootjes’ are mentioned in this interesting article for bartenders and cocktail bar owners!

Sleep-friendly’ ice cream | Nightfood’s

The functional food startup Nightfood’s will launch ‘sleep-friendly’ ice cream in February. The brand says its confections will complement the human sleep cycle. The $4.99 pints, the company says, have a balance of fiber, protein, and (less) sugar, which its scientific advisors (sleep experts Michael Breus and Michael Grandner along with nutritionist and sleep therapist Lauren Broch) helped formulate. Ingredients include a protein that’s relatively low in lactose, as well as minerals, amino acids, and enzymes they say aid sleep and reduce acid reflux.

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