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At the redaction of Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, bungalowspecials starts with a WhatsApp concierges, Sergio Herman’s Frites atelier and this summer you can pay with your fingerprint in Japan.

The first box of the organic Asparagus de Superior Queens is for Erik van Loo**

The first box of the organic asparagus ‘Superior Queens and Queenis’ is given to Erik van Loo last week. The two Michelinstar chef is an ambassador of these asparagus. The Superior Queens and Queens are organic asparagus from young plants and have grown both traditionally and sustainably.

Bungalowspecials starts with a WhatsApp concierge.

Bungalowspecial has started with WhatsApp as a communication channel towards guests. The goal is to get better connection with the guests. Guests are able to ask question through WhatsApp both before as during their stay. For instance, guests are able to photograph certain situations which need to be solved directly.

‘Frietwinkel by dapp’ opens second store

The organic fries store ‘Frietwinkel’ in Utrecht opened their second store last Thursday. Guests are able to enjoy the award winning organic fries in The Hague at the Korte Poten 23. The fries are being fried completely gluten-free, the assortment is thereby expanded with typical Dutch ‘Bitterballs’ and pumpkin ketchup.

Eco friendly truck Yumbii

Yumbii, an Atlanta based catering company added a new eco-friendly truck to its fleet. While food trucks have become extremely popular in recent years, they have had a very harmful impact on the environment. The truck converts exhaust into less harmful substances such as water vapor and nitrogen gas. In the Netherlands we will have to wait for the first eco-friendly food truck.

New attraction in Duinrell, Wassenaar

The Wild Wings is the newest attraction in Duinrell. On the 12th of April the attraction was tested by invitees. Once in the attraction you control both the ride as the amount of loopings you want to make. The real die-hards were able to realize 70 loopings in a single rit. Every plane is numbered, so you are able to see the amount of loopings that are made. Read the article and check out the video of the Wild Wings by clicking the title.

Sergio Herman’s Frites Atelier

Sergio Herman’s opens five locations of Frites Atelier, his new concept, this year. A cafeteria on Michelin star level (haute friture). A portion fries of 250 grams will approximately cost between € 3.50 and € 6,-. The price depends on the chosen sauce and other toppings. The first Frites Atelier opens in June this year in The Hague, on 7 Venestraat.

This summer you can pay with your fingerprint in Japan

One of the latest innovations is to pay with your finger. Japan starts testing this new method of payment coming summer. For years Japan collected fingerprints when guests flew into the country. The government wants to use these fingerprint not only for security purposes but also as a payment choice. So from this summer on you can go shopping without your wallet!

MAD – knowledge about food

An organization that shares knowledge about food in order to make every meal better. Conceived by the renowned starred chef René Redzepi. NOMA said goodbye to Australia with one of the popular MAD symposia, the attendees ; David Chang, Massimo Bottura , Kylie Kwong , food activist Chido GOVERA , and Australian researcher Rebecca Huntley. Watch the video of this symposium on the MAD website.

Ladies Night at Partycentrum ‘t Noorden

Partycentrum ‘t Noorden has special rooms available at several local businesses often run by women on the 11th of May from 19:30 to 22:30. As a visitor you can find inspiration by the special stands, being active during a workshop and mingle while enjoying live music, a snack and a drink .

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