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At the redaction of Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, ‘René Redzepi with Noma in Australia’, ‘Urban pillow fight at square in Toronto’ and ‘Pizzacle, a pizza on a stick’.

René Redzepi in Australia

When news dropped of the world famous Noma restaurant from Copenhagen relocating to Sydney for a 10 week pop-up to showcase some of the best ingredients in Australia, the food world exploded. René Redzepi and his team were looking for new conversations, new ideas and new flavours in Sydney. Fine Dining Lovers wrote about the experience and the effect, if any, of the restaurant in Australia. Great article for food lovers!

Urban pillow fight at square in Toronto

This Saturday, the second of April, the city of Toronto is set to host an urban pillow fight. While pillow fights are often associated with young children, this event demonstrates that the classic slumber party activity can be equally fun for adults. The event has been dubbed ‘Pillow Fight Toronto 2016’ and is set to take place in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square. According to the event page, each participant is asked to bring their own soft, feather-free pillow to the site.

Pizza on a stick

A Filipino food cart serves sweet and savory pizza on a stick. ‘Pizzacle’ is a relatively new food cart concept that serves sweet and savory pizza on a stick. While foods served on a stick are largely associated with state fairs, the rise of handheld meals has been shifting towards familiar food products served in a more convenient form. This food cart puts a unique twist on a beloved Italian dish by making it easier to enjoy on the go. We already spotted a pizza on a stick in Italy, back in 2013.

Instead of a flight of wine or beer, check in for a flight of local waters

You’ve probably have tried a flight of wine or beer, but how about a water flight? The Water Bar in Minnesota isn’t going to have any beers on tap, but it’s going to have plenty variations of tap water right from the grand opening this May. The bar started as a pop-up bar in 2014. The Water Bar will serve flights of tap water from several local areas, as guests will be encouraged to distinguish the difference in taste, just like you would with a flight of craft beers.

Carlsberg unveiled a bar made entirely of chocolate

Lager brand Carlsberg unveiled its chocolate pop-up bar outside the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch on the 23rd of March ahead of the Easter Bank Holiday. Beer served in edible chocolate pints! To see the great pictures serve to the article from Event Magazine.

Healthy salad cakes café

The Vegedeco Salad Cafe is serving healthy salad cakes made from root veggies and peels. Set to open on April 5th in Japan, the Vegedeco Salad Cafe is the brainchild of Mitsuki Moriyasu who created the concept of veggie cakes in 2015.

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