Tipsy Robot | Robots are making cocktails in Las Vegas


‘Tipsy Robot’, a bar only operated by robots will open on the 30th of June at The Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas. The robots at ‘Tipsy Robot’ exactly know how to make personalized cocktails.

Tipsy Robot | A robot as bartender

At the bar you don’t have to expect a cocktail that tastes like lemonade with a drop of alcohol. The robots are programmed to serve a perfect cocktail. The robots are real entertainers that can show the same moves and techniques as real bartenders use. They mix, shake, cut fruit and garnish the perfect cocktail to your preferred taste. They won’t even forget the ‘shaken not stirred?’ question!

A complete high-tech experience

Guests can customize and order a cocktail by using the tablets on the table. Within 1.5 minutes, your delicious cocktail will be ready. The high-tech interior of the cafe also invites you to travel to the future. Via a photo booth and a social media wall guests can share their experience with the world. There are also human staff members beside robots, they are called the ‘Galactic Ambassadors’. They assist the robots where necessary. The café is open from 10:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 00:00 on weekends.

Robot cocktail shakers on the ocean

The ‘Tipsy Robot’ reminded us a bit about the Bionic Bar located on the Harmony of the Seas, world’s largest cruise ship. The name already says it all. The Bionic Bar is a bar that doesn’t use human bartending skills but robots that prepare cocktails for the guests.

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