The Museum of Candy | Opening this summer in NY City


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The Museum of Candy in New York City will feature the largest selection of candy in the world for museum patrons to photograph, study and most importantly EAT! Opening by the team behind the international phenomenon, Sugar Factory, the first of three planned museums will feature a 30,000-square-foot candy wonderland in the heart of the city.

The Museum of Candy

The 30,000-square-foot museum will have over 15 candy-themed experiential rooms, the world’s first dessert marketplace, a full-service restaurant and an outdoor Sugar Factory café. Visitors will find more than hundreds of memorable moments throughout the museum including the world’s most impressive  candy-adorned  unicorn,  the  world’s  largest  gummy  bear  and  other  interactive installations.

“Sweets, treats and fun! The idea to create a Museum of Candy originated from the imagination of my inquisitive children and my own personal dreams about a magical candy land,” says Sugar Factory Founder Charissa Davidovici. “We also drew inspiration from all of our guests at Sugar Factory taking pictures at our life-size Candy Dot wall and with our over-the-top food and drinks. New York City is the perfect location to open our first museum, it’s the epicenter of entertainment – we can’t wait to share this concept worldwide.”

Drawing  inspiration  from  the  vibrant,  playful  atmosphere  found  at  Sugar  Factory  retail  stores around the world, the Museum of Candy will be a place for people young at heart. Playing on the infamous  1983  nightclub’s  layout,  the  Museum  of  Candy  will  utilize  a  winding  staircase  to emphasize the imaginative candy installation and feature surprises around every corner. From floor  to  ceiling,  guests  will  be  overwhelmed  with  joy  from  the  edible  candy  murals,  live  art installations from local artists and whimsical musical performances. The museum will also offer special  party  packages  with  over-the-top  private  experiences  for  those  looking  to  have an exclusive, candy-filled celebration in the first ever Museum of Candy.

After  strolling  through  the  museum,  visitors  can  browse  through  the  world’s  first  dessert marketplace. More than 20 vendors and confectioners from around the world will provide visitors with dessert demonstrations while the retail space will feature a wide selection of international candy sold by the pound.

Sugar Factory’s 75-seat café, located inside of the marketplace, will offer visitors a place to spend time  before  or  after  a  visit  to  the  museum.  The  grab-and-go  counter  will  feature  the  brand’s signature sweet treats, homemade pastries, pop-tarts, doughnuts, milkshakes and various coffee beverages. Adjacent to the marketplace, guests will find Sugar Factory’s full service 150-seat restaurant  featuring  the brand’s signature 24-scoop  King Kong  Sundae,  monster burgers and insane milkshakes along  with  the smoking  alcohol-infused  candy goblet  drinks.  The café and restaurant will remain open during the museum’s hours of operation and will be accessible to the general public with or without an admission  ticket.

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