The Krokodel | A Burgundian croquette with frikandel ragout


  • De KrokodelDe Krokodel
  • De KrokodelDe Krokodel

For many Dutch snackers probably the solution: now you don’t have to choose between a Kroket (croquette) or a frikandel. These are both typical Dutch snacks. The krokodel is a Burgundian croquette with frikandel ragout. Jeroen Balkenende and Freek Haverman living in Breda (in the South of the Netherlands) came up with the idea. They went to chef Guilaume de Beer from restaurant ‘Breda’ in Amsterdam. He rolled the first krokodellen by hand, so that they could taste it during the ‘Frikandeldisco’ in Amsterdam at Café Sanders in September 2016. From there it went really fast.

The Krokodel

Jeroen Balkenende and Freek Haverman posted a video on their Facebook of the making of the krokodel by chef Guilame de Beer for the Frikandellendisco. Meanwhile it went really fast, sponsor of the Frikandellendisco Beckers, created the right recipe to mass produce the krokodel and during the Horecava they showed their product to the general public. They were also interviewed on Slam!FM. It’s available as from 3 February.

Gin Mayo

It tastes really great with gin mayo, so we heard!

Website: The Krokodel

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