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  • Gin mayo by Mossel & GinGin mayo by Mossel & Gin

If you have ever eaten at Mussel & Gin in Amsterdam you must have noticed their gin mayonnaise, served with the food. The mixture of ‘Zaanse Mayonaise’ and Bobby’s Dry Gin has been created back in 2014, but is now also available to take home in a tube. The tube gin mayo can be purchased separately for € 1.95 at the restaurant.

Gin mayo: Zaandam Mayo and Bobby’s Gin

After a guest requested if their popular gin mayo was also for sale the idea arose to create these gin mayo tubes. Josh Shelter, co-owner of restaurant Mussel & Gin: “We experimented with many different gins at Mussel & Gin and for this mass production we have chosen for Bobby’s Gin, because it is a crazy good spicy gin, which gives the gin mayo a good kick.”

They approached the Dutch brand ‘Zaanse Mayonaise’ from Van Wijngaarden as the party to produce the mayonnaise. A unique collaboration between a mayonnaise producer, a gin brand and a restaurant. “We think it is good to join forces with brands such as ‘Zaanse Mayonaise’ & Bobby’s Gin. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, everyone has their own specialties and we think more brands could co-create. Mostly something fun will be created!” says Selter.

Mussel & Gin

Mussel & Gin opened its doors in 2014, is specialized in the manufacture of mussel dishes and serving gin and tonic. Quality and innovation are key according Selter: “In our experience, this means you need to focus on what you do.” A second branch of the restaurant will therefore not come soon. “We would rather focus on improving our existing business. We already created a mobile gin bar, our gin mobiel (where they serve gin and tonics on site), a webshop with Christmas, we designed an oyster packaging for our supplier and now the gin mayo. These are fun and unique ways to create exposure for our restaurant.”

Gin Mayo & the Krokodel

Friends of Josh Selter presented their latest creation, the Krokodel this week at the Horecava (the national trade fair for professionals in the Dutch food service industry). Obvious the gin mayo combines great with this Krokodel. The gin mayo will be available as from next week.


Website: Gin Mayo

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