The Japanese fondue restaurant PakuPaku opened in Amsterdam


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  • PakuPaku in Amsterdam
  • PakuPaku in Amsterdam
  • Franciska van Koningsbruggen en Prema van Wersch van PakuPaku

Earlier this year we wrote about PakuPaku, the first Japanese fondue (ShabuShabu) restaurant in Amsterdam. End of August 2019, PakuPaku opened its doors at Beukenplein 3 Amsterdam. Now, after a few weeks of test running, they’re organizing an opening drink for local residents and other people who are interested on the 6th of October. A fun way to get to know the ladies and their concept!

They will also start their ‘language events’ (events where expats and speakers of different languages can practise their Dutch language skills in an relaxed atmosphere) and once a week they have a ‘joint-table’.

An article explaining exactly what Japanese fondue is and why it is healthy! And the owners Franciska and Prema provide insight into what they have experienced in recent months since the soft opening.

What exactly is Japanese fondue?

Japanese fondue is a very healthy way of eating. According to the Japanese tradition, firstly the vegetables, fish and meat are cooked in a bouillon. The bouillon gets its amazing taste due to the great marbling of the meat and good quality of the fish and other products. At the end of the fondue a small bowl of white rice is served which should be eaten in combination with the bouillon. It is a healthy way of dining because the vegetables and proteins are being eaten first and only after that the carbohydrates. This ensures people will first take in the healthy substances instead of being filled with carbohydrates at the beginning of a meal. Besides this, it is also a very nice way of shared-dining.

Next to the great fondues, PakuPaku also serves Japanese bites and Japanese ice cream. People are welcome to have dinner or just to have a small bite. The restaurant is also available for private events.

PakuPaku | Official opening after a little more than a month of test runs!

The ladies from PakuPaku, Franciska van Koningsbruggen and Prema Wersch, have had quite some months during their test runs. Both ladies have a background working in business and had a hard time getting used to the hospitality lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

“Nonetheless, it gives us lots of energy to be hostesses and make our guests happy. Generally, our guests are very enthusiastic! It’s a new, healthy and delicious concept and moreover a very pleasant activity. Soon we will be starting with our ‘language events’, meaning we will be organising events where expats and speakers of different languages can practise their Dutch language skills in an relaxed atmosphere. For example, we will be hosting Dutch Pub quizzes and karaoke nights. Also, once a week there is a ‘joint-table’, which is a table in the restaurant where everyone, who would like to, can join so they can meet new people. Especially for this ‘join-table there is a lot of interest.”

They keep everyone updated about these events through their Facebook page.

Website: PakuPaku

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