PakaPaku ǀ The first Japanese fondue restaurant in the Netherlands


PakuPaku will be the first Japanese fondue restaurant in Amsterdam and as far as we know even the first in the Netherlands. PakuPaku means: ‘munch-munch’ in Japanese. One of the future owners experienced the Japanese fondue when she first visited Tokyo in 2016. She decided to bring this concept to Amsterdam because she thinks the food is pure, delicious, healthy and fun to eat. A selected group of hospitality professionals already experienced the menu during a tasting of PakuPaku (see the movie above). Their overall reaction: “We can’t understand that this concept doesn’t exist yet!” In many other countries Japanese fondue is very popular. The future owners Prema and Franciska want to change this so that everyone can enjoy their shared dining experience. They had a small crowdfunding at Kickstarter which is pledged. PakuPaku will be a hangout place where locals and expats can meet, eat and mingle. You could even practice your Dutch in a fun and informal environment at their joined table!

The joined table at PakuPaku ǀ A special meeting place

Owner Prema van Wersch once lived in Japan for a year where she also traveled a lot. During traveling she mostly visited restaurant by herself and in fact she didn’t mind at all visiting these restaurants all alone. However, she is aware of the fact that some people do not like to visit restaurants by themselves. And so she came up with the idea of a “joined table” at PakuPaku. A great way to get to know new people! But besides this and the food, PakuPaku should also be a place where locals and expats could meet and where the Dutch language could be practiced. They want to create a place where everybody feels at home.

PakuPaku crowdfunding

At the moment Prema and Franciska are working their ass of in order to get the funding done. Besides a loan they promote the project via Kickstarter. This way they try to get hold of extra funding. The ultimate goal is 7.500 euro, and that goal is already pledged with still 7 days to go! So you can still invest in a lunch for 2 or a lunch at the ‘joined table’!

Website: PakuPaku 

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