The Dutch company Huls introduces vegan dry sausages


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Disclaimer: more interesting for Dutchies. But it might still be inspiring to read…

A sausage is an appetizer that cannot be missed, anywhere. But especially not in the Netherlands. The Dutch company Huls, specialist in sausages, created two varieties of vegan dry sausage for the vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

Huls is located in the North of the Netherlands in the region Groningen and has been making dry meat sausages for over a 100 years. In this article you’ll read about the recently created vega(n) varieties.

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Vegan dry sausage from Groningen | Great addition to your vegan snack platter

Probably very recognizable for many vegans and vegetarians: a snack platter with little vegan varieties. However, nowadays there is no excuse in having a small snack platter since there is a wider range of vegan cheeses and more and more vegan meat. We have written about Serrano ‘sinjamón’ by Rollito Vegano at the end of 2020. If you can also add a vegetarian dry sausage from Groningen van Huls, it will become a well-stocked vegetarian/vegan snack platter!

Huls developed two vegan editions of their most popular sausages, without compromising on taste. You can now enjoy the vegan sticks in the flavours Chorizo and Mediterranean: the Chorizo has a slightly spicy taste and the Mediterranean is slightly sweeter. De vegan sausages are available at all PLUS supermarkets in the Netherlands.

  • Huls Vegetarian Stick Mediterranean Flavour: this sausage is made from soy protein, vegetables and fiber. It has a slightly sweet taste and contains 527 kcal per 100 grams.
  • Huls Vegetarian Sticks Chorizo Flavour: this sausage is made from soy protein, vegetables and fiber. It has a slightly spicy taste and contains 479 kcal per 100 grams.

The two sausages are 100% plant-based, contain no animal proteins so they are suitable for vegans. Both sausages are full of protein! They are just a delicious addition to your appetizers!

About Huls

The sausage has been around for centuries and is still popular. Each country and each region has its own specialities. One of these typical regional products is dry sausage, of which Huls offers an extensive range of top quality dry sausages for almost 100 years. Huls is an authentic family business from Vlagtwedde in Groningen.

Website: Huls

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