The Drone Cocktail | By Michael Cirino


Cocktails do have a long an fascinating history. The first cocktail was made in around 1800 and has been developed since then. Artist, chef and visionary Michael Cirino from the company A Razor/A Shiny Knife, decided to change the game and created a drone cocktail. ‘Shake or stir it’, the common annoyance for a good cocktail are the two options for this drone.

The Pilot

The culinary company A Razor/A Shiny Knife is known for its unexpected and unusual events. “Drones have been exciting for a while,” Cirino explains, “but not many people get to touch them. This project was something that started out as a novel joke a couple years ago: How do we take drones and incorporate them into an event, an experience, or everyday life in a different way than just delivering packages or making a video?” The perfect drone cocktail has got an ironic name ‘The Pilot’.

The Drone Cocktail

After ordering a cocktail you will receive a video of the process. It will cost some effort but the  result is worth it. We would think this fits well at festivals or exclusive parties, as a tool to promote your cocktail. Watch the video above to check out how it works.

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