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  • Distillers AcademyDistillers Academy
  • Distillers AcademyDistillers Academy
  • Distillers AcademyDistillers Academy
  • Distillers AcademyDistillers Academy
  • Distillers AcademyDistillers Academy

From Black Nazareth to hot and happening Distillers District: you can find these in Schiedam, the core of the distillery world. With the new opening of the Distillers Academy in Schiedam, a unique concept was born next in the shadow of Rotterdam. It’s the one place where fans can turn into experts. During the Masterclass you are taught about the special distillery process and you are introduced to the art of making cocktails during the Cocktail Experience. The Academy is located in De Palmboom mill, one of the giant mills in Schiedam that was built for distilleries. The experiences can exclusively be booked for groups and consumers on the set dates.

Masterclass at The Distillers Academy

Five centuries of knowledge, innovation and love for the art of distillery come together in a three hour interactive Masterclass. The Bartender and host welcome you while you enjoy a Distillers Academy Signature Cocktail. After, you will climb the stairs of the mill and be introduced to the theory on techniques and flavors. After the class, you can sit at the bar. The Star-tender will entertain you with a show on how to make famous cocktails: liquor from Schiedam, gins, vodkas are mixed into tasteful cocktails. The right combination of botanicals and amounts, the ideal glass and temperature and the ultimate toppings you’ll get the Perfect Serve. After that, it’s up to you! Experiment while you create your own Perfect Serve. The bartender will give you tips and tricks about the drinks and botanicals. After this Masterclass you’ll leave the Distillery with a real Distillers Academy Certificate.

Cocktail Experience

Would you like to know how to make the perfect cocktail? Try out the elaborate Cocktail Experience. The expert Bartender will teach you how to become an expert on cocktails yourself and you’ll discover tips on how to prepare the best drinks containing distillery products from Schiedam. Kom je graag te weten hoe je de perfecte cocktail maakt? Ga dan voor de uitgebreide Cocktail Experience. Let yourself be introduced to techniques like shaking, stirring and building. With every cocktail, you’ll find a fitting bite to eat.

The Distillers Academy was developed by Stichting Promotie Schiedam in collaboration with all the distillers from Schiedam; Bobby’s Dry Gin, Onder de Boompjes, Herman Jansen, Loopuyt, Koninklijke de Kuyper, Nolet Distillery, Catz Dry Gin.

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Website: De Distillers Academy

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