The culinary ‘pepernoot’ | created by chef Rik Jansma from restaurant Basiliek


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Rik Jansma, chef and owner of restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk has designed a special limited edition of the famous Dutch ‘pepernoot’. A special gingerbread biscuit served traditionally at the celebration of the anniversary of Sinterklaas ( Saint Nicholas). The chef, awarded with a Michelin star has created this culinary ‘pepernoot’ in collaboration with Van Delft Biscuits. The ‘pepernoten’ will be available in a limited edition in stores all over the Netherlands.

The culinary ‘pepernoot’ | Hemelse (heavenly) Pepernoten

The gingerbread nut is made of grass butter, honey, cane sugar, whole grain spelled from Joseph Grain, a type of grain which is more than 4,000 years old, and was cultivated in Egypt. The typical flavour comes from fresh Bergamot lemon. “In particular, the bergamot creates a special flavour, which distinguishes these ‘pepernoten’ from others,” says Jansma.

The delicacy has been named ‘De Hemelse (the Heavenly) Pepernoot’ and is named after the former Agnes Convent at which Restaurant Basiliek is now located.

Saint Nicholas has already received a bag of culinary gingerbread nuts

Last Saturday during the entry of Saint Nicholas at Harderwijk, chef Rik Jansma handed over a bag of culinary gingerbread nuts to the holy man. “Saint Nicholas was visibly pleased. The ‘pepernoot’ has a good quality and it’s part of the fun for kids’, says Jansma, who said he’s proud to be working with Van Delft Biscuits. “I’m probably the first chef in the world with his own ‘pepernoot’’.

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