THE BUTCHER Social Club, located in the A’DAM tower is a 24h-juncture of great food, new music, edgy creativity, metropolitan lifestyle, and urban design. The A’DAM tower is one of the seven concepts with a 24-hour liquor license in Amsterdam. THE BUTCHER Social Club is a full-service playground for urbanites, open from 8 AM until far after midnight and all around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday.


It’s not a classic club concept as we know it, with dance and DJ’s performing for a young audience until the sun rises. People connect on all levels, yet most of the times it includes either food, music, games or art. THE BUTCHER Social Club combines all these uniting elements in a high-end 24h-concept of casual quality. The concept unites people as an easy-going coffee spot, a business centre, a casual restaurant and bar, and unexampled after party hangout with live DJ music. During the evening hours guests can enjoy a cocktail or burger while DJ is playing live music.


THE BUTCHER Social Club becomes the home of music. Five days per week DJ’s are playing live music at the installed 360-degree bar. What else to expect with neighbors such as ID&T, Sony, Gibson and Shelter. If you don’t feel like partying you also have the opportunity to visit the old school video game hall offering hours of gameplay with football tables, Ping-Pong tables, pool tables and pinball machines. Before dinner, after dinner, pre-clubbing, or when nocturnal cravings kick in, that is.

Entourage Group

The club isn’t the first concept of The Entourage Group where guests can enjoy a live DJ after having dinner. It’s not a secret anymore that THE BUTCHER at the Albert Cuyp has a secret cocktail bar behind the restaurant, this bar is open till late. Also high-end club Mad Fox opened its door lately. Other concepts of the Entourage Group are MOMO, Mr Porter and The Duchess.

Website: The Butcher

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