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Tante Kee (Aunt Kee) has been open for a month now and yesterday we had the pleasure to experience the dishes of the newly appointed chef Bobby Rust. The restaurant has been given a complete makeover and with Bobby they want to upgrade the culinary standards of the restaurant. The restaurant is located at the picturesque Kaag island between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you even have to take a short boat trip to reach the restaurant!

The interior of Tante Kee 2.0

Restaurant owners Kim Edwards and Raymond Reeb renewed the restaurant, the terrace, the logo and corporate identity completely. Tante Kee 2.0, as the owners call it, is a mix of the long tradition of the property (it has been operating as a restaurant since 1930) and style. ‘Visiting Tante Kee will always be a great night out for everyone.’

The most important change in interior is that all tables have a view over the water of the ‘Kaag’-lake now. To achieve this, all toilets that were located on the most beautiful spot of the restaurant were moved to an area that was used as the ‘garden room’. The entrance and bar were also moved. The bar is now located at the centre of the restaurant and the entrance is moved to the other side of the building. At the former entrance they’ve created an area for private diners and groups.

Bobby Rust

Also, the appointment of new head chef Bobby Rust (previously Ron Gastrobar and Bridges) brings about a number of changes. Raymond Reeb used to work as the chef but will now help out in the restaurant as well, even though this wasn’t the original plan. “After two chefs decided to start a new adventure somewhere else we were looking for a new ‘chef de partie’. When we met Bobby, we suddenly had another option”, says Kim. “Raymond will perform a link between the restaurant and kitchen. You bet I call him directly when we have guests who want to know more about the food.”

A new chef means a new style of cooking as well. Bobby Rust and Raymond Reeb have already composed their first menu together. The influences of the chef are clearly visible: not to many ingredients, not to many flavours. Pure and simple. Bobby: “I love to keep it simple while I cook, using three or four ingredients on which I fully focus. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury to work with 20 chefs at a time. Off course we will use Dutch products but I love to use foreign ingredients as well.”

Tante Kee

Kim Edwards and Raymond Reeb are owners of Tante Kee since 2003. The restaurant is situated on Kaageiland and has been operating as a restaurant since 1930. The entrepeneurs are members of restaurant association JRE Nederland.

Website: Tante Kee

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