Restaurant Tante Kee | Reopened after a three months renovation


On the 1st of April, Restaurant Tante Kee (aunt Kee) at the Kaag Island in the West of the Netherlands reopened after a three months renovation. Restaurant owners Kim Edwards and Raymond Reeb renewed the restaurant, the terrace, the logo and corporate identity completely. The New chef Bobby Rust and Raymond Reeb have already composed their first menu together. During the renovation social media platforms were used to keep all their guests and those interested informed about new developments.

Tante Kee on social media

During the restaurant’s renovation in the past few months, people were able to follow the renovation process step-by-step. Photos and videos were regularly posted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the newsletter gave us a look behind the scenes as well. A great example on keeping your regular guests informed about new developments. Social media was also used to recruit new cooks. In a video, two ex-employees who worked at Tante Kee explained why you should apply for a job there. A creative example of recruiting new employees.


During three months of renovation, the restaurant’s interior is renewed and master chef Bobby Rust was assigned to upgrade the culinary standards of the restaurant. Tante Kee 2.0, as the owners call it, is a mix of the long tradition of the property (it has been operating as a restaurant since 1930) and style. ‘Visiting Tante Kee will always be a great night out for everyone.’

The most important change in interior is that all tables have a view over the water of the ‘Kaag’-lake now. To achieve this, all toilets that were located on the most beautiful spot of the restaurant were moved to an area that was used as the ‘garden room’. The entrance and bar were also moved. The bar is now located at the center of the restaurant and the entrance is moved to the other side of the building. The space that was used as entrance before has changed into an area for private diners and groups.

Erwin Olaf

The terrace has been extended and renovated, during the summer months there will be a lounge area available for guests. Their corporate identity and logo have also been changed. Tante Kee is evolved from an ‘old’ lady to a 20 to 25 year old girl in the prime of her live, inspired on a picture by Erwin Olaf. This picture has a prominent place in the restaurant now and was received as a gift on the occasion of Tante Kee 2.0.

Bobby Rust

Master chef Bobby Rust was appointed as new chef of the restaurant. Bobby Rust has worked in the kitchen of Michelin starred restaurants Ron Gastrobar and Bridges in Amsterdam.

Website: Tante Kee

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