SweeTARTS® hosts first branded Film Fest on TikTok | Championing everyday storytellers


  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok
  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok
  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok

SweeTARTS®, the iconic brand that has been encouraging fans to live their most colourful lives and ‘Be Both’, understands the best storytellers aren’t just traditional filmmakers. They’re nurses who can sing acapella, students with a knack for thrift-store finds, or skateboarders who dabble in cooking, all with a shared passion for creating content from their everyday lives that sparks impactful emotions. To elevate the unique talents of these storytellers across the country, SweeTARTS is reimagining the typically exclusive award show concept by hosting the first branded Film Fest on TikTok.

Great idea to create a TikTok contest for your own club, restaurant chain or bar if you want to  engage young people with your brand. Done right it will push your amount of followers on TikTok and who knows it might interest young people that didn’t visit your place before. In the past we spotted similar ideas for Instagram.   

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SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok promoted by Xóchitl Gómez

Submissions for the SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok begin Aug. 12, with the entry window continuing through Sept. 7. With more than 1 billion monthly active users globally and over 6.5B views on #FilmTok, TikTok is home to a new generation of filmmakers who are leading culture and promoting creativity, inclusivity and self-expression… no fancy equipment, big budgets or elite connections necessary. Everyone is invited to this festival, where fans can submit and engage with short TikTok films in four categories: “Best Expression of ‘Be Both’, ‘Best Story Time’, ‘Best Use of Video Tools’ and ‘Best Colourful Creation’.

Four winners will be selected by a panel of judges, including Hollywood’s newest star, Xóchitl Gómez (6.9MM+ followers on TikTok @Xochitlgomez) a beloved actress known for her roles in recent popular superhero films and iconic TV series remakes. Each winner will receive a grand prize of $25,000 to help continue to fuel their love for content creation and storytelling. Check out the video Xóchitl created below to help kick off the festival, and see below for more details on how to get in on the action. Xóchitl will announce the winners on Oct. 6 during a live grand finale award show at 7pm ET, only on her TikTok channel. The innovative and inclusive festival is the latest chapter in SweeTARTS legacy of empowering people to embrace their full selves and live colourfully.


So, how can you get in on this Fest on TikTok?

Tune in live at 7pm ET on Oct. 6 to watch Xóchitl announce all four winners, who will each receive $25,000 to continue to fuel their creativity! For the official rules, visit their website.

About SweeTARTS

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