Sushi in all shapes and sizes


  • 3D geprinte sushi van Singularity in Tokyo3D geprinte sushi van Singularity in Tokyo
  • 3D geprinte sushi van Singularity in Tokyo3D geprinte sushi van Singularity in Tokyo
  • Close up of a Crushi crunchy sushi snackClose up of a Crushi crunchy sushi snack
  • Close up of a Crushi crunchy sushi snackClose up of a Crushi crunchy sushi snack

Sushi, by now a product eaten with some regularity by young and old people. Everyone has at least one type of sushi that they like. There are now countless restaurants where you can eat sushi, in all shapes, sizes and formats. We did some research on the most original ideas for sushi!

SoFi Stadium deploys Sushi Robot Army in preparation for Super Bowl

Given the amount of sushi that is being eaten, we thought this gadget would come in handy. Under the leadership of Taka Hirano, who leads the sushi operations, SoFi Stadium has partnered with AUTEC, the leading commercial sushi robot supplier in the United States. AUTEC’s sushi robots are specially designed to deliver high quality consistency for the upcoming big game and events thereafter. SoFi can serve 1,300 sushi rolls and 2,400 rice balls per hour to attendees, respectively. This allows for a shorter wait time and non-contact experience.

Bread-based Sushi or doughmakase

Not everyone is crazy about rice, which is why this particular type of sushi was created. Small’s is an innovative Singaporean restaurant that has introduced “doughmakase,” a variety of sushi food made with bread instead of rice. There are several types of doughmakase, from California rolls to rolls with wasabi and peas. These bread-sushi hybrids are made by baking bread that has been pressed flat, making it easy to roll. The bread is stuffed with flavorful ingredients and rolled into sushi.

Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi Bars

We also came across this original way of presenting sushi. Bompas & Parr opened a glow-in-the-dark sushi bar pop-up at the Mother of the Nation festival 2021, in Abu Dhabi. They created unforgettable experiences with a combination of ultraviolet light and bioluminescent ingredients. The pop-up sushi bar offered brightly coloured cocktails and dishes such as fluorescent pink nigiri, and maki in impossible shades such as electric blue and neon green. The menu of light-reactive ingredients was also enriched with food extracts and pigments to enhance the impact of a phenomenon called electron displacement. This is something we would most definitely like to try, what about yout?

Mr. Miyagi Australië

Mr. Miyagi is a playful spin on the food and flavours of Japan. You can find their casual but fancy restaurant in Windsor, alongside Yukie’s Snack Bar. One of their signature dishes is the Sushi Taco. You can choose for the Salmon Nori Taco with Huon Valley salmon belly, sushi rice, spicy napa cabbage, japanse mayo and chilli oil or the vegetarian option the Eggplant Katsu Nori Taco with Spices eggplant Katsu, sushi rice, shibazuke mayo, crispy sweet potato and pumpkin relish. Would you like to try one?

Pokéworks launches pressed spicy tuna and California Rolls


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Pokéworks is a groundbreaking, healthy, Hawaiian-inspired fast casual brand. Pokéworks opened its first location in 2015 and they now have locations in 21 states across North America. From the beginning, Pokeworks was a sensation for consumers. Hundreds of people lined up to make their own poke burrito or bowl.  A video called ‘The ‘Sushi Burrito’ has reached NYC and it’s amazing’, describing their desirable poke burrito, went viral and received over 50 million views. Today, Pokéworks is the leading and fastest growing fast casual poké brand in the world. In addition to their famous sushi burrito, they now serve “pressed sushi”. This is as the name suggests, pressed sushi and is available in 2 flavors.

– Pressed Spicy Tuna Roll – Spiced rice covered with nori and tuna mixed with gochujang, sambal, sriracha, and green onion. Topped with toasted sesame seeds, sriracha mayo, and a slice of serrano pepper.

– Pressed California Roll – Fresh avocado and nori on a layer of spiced rice. Topped with surimi crab and crispy cucumber with toasted sesame seeds.

This restaurant in Tokyo will be serving personalized 3-D printed sushi that is prepared after examining your DNA

The restaurant, backed by a startup called Open Meals, will make use of revolutionary techniques namely – a food fabrication machine, a food operation system, and a health identification system to serve the ‘new sushi’ to its customers. The servings will be 3-D printed as per one’s health needs using these high-tech food concepts. The restaurant hasn’t opened yet. But once it will open it will work like this: after guests make a reservation, the restaurant will send over health test kits to their address, and based on DNA, urine, and intestinal tests, they will each receive individual health IDs. With the use of this data, cooking ingredients will be optimized, nutrients will be formulated, and instructions will then be sent to the food fabrication machine that will further print out the custom meals.

Why dry-aged fish is worth a try


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A ”dry aged steak” is already a familiar term in the restaurant world. The effect is to make the meat more flavorful and tender. However, a dry aged fish used for sushi is something that could be an emerging trend.

A centuries-old technique in Japan, virtually unknown to us. Dry-aged fish. At the entrance to the restaurant Oroshi in Toronto, there is a refrigerator with glass doors in which whole fish hang by their tails on hooks. The fish is hung above trays of salt to help remove the moisture. It’s a small selection of fish so far – three or four species including branzino and black cod. Most visitors to sushi restaurants think seafood should be eaten as fresh as possible. But by drying an extra few days under precise temperatures and conditions, some fish develop a deeper flavor and a more delicate texture. Enzymes break down and excess water evaporates, giving the fish its full fatty flavor potential. Would you like to try it? We do!

Omakaseed at the Plant Bar: Innovative plant-based sushi omakase debuts in NYC


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If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or want to give this a try, Omakaseed in New York is the place to go. Omakaseed at Plant Bar is a plant-based omakase restaurant, it has been open since April 30 in the NoMad neighborhood in New York. At Omakaseed, you can get global flavors and fresh plant-based ingredients. We wrote about their opening in April. This fresh take on plant-based dining is led by Executive Chef Roberto Romero, an experienced Michelin-starred chef with a passion for plant-based culinary innovation.

Omakaseed brings experimental dining and a unique flair for service to a vastly underserved market within the plant-based community. With a focus on Japanese-inspired vegan omakase, Omakaseed strives to continue the mission of the team behind Sushi By Bou, bringing Omakase Style service to the masses, including vegans and vegetarians. They focus on natural, minimally processed ingredients and emphasizing seasonal and local produce. Omakaseed emphasizes on a conscious cuisine, and expanding the palette of everyone who visits them, vegan or not.

Crushi Crispy Sushi

We already wrote about this crispy delicacy in 2015. They now sell the Crushi in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Ireland. Crunchy outside and a sushi inside. Crushi enters the market with a revolutionary crunch, which opens the door to a surprising flavor experience. Crushi is crunchy on the outside and sushi on the inside. It is available in three flavors, Classic California, Salmon Supreme and the Veggie Vegan variant. Crushi is completely GMO free and a patented homegrown food innovation. The main features of Crushi are the fresh taste, it is quick and easy to prepare, crunchy, vegan and zero waste.

In our trends we spotted, week 13 we wrote about another crispy concept, Miss Crispy Rice. This concept recently opened inside the Oasis Wynwood, in Miami. Miss Crispy Rice serves crispy rice with fresh fish, we love sushi served on crispy rice, it has that extra bite! And although we tasted the crispy rice sushi before we never spotted a joint totally dedicated to crispy rice sushi.

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