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Omakaseed at Plant Bar, a plant-based omakase dining experience set to open in New York City’s NoMad neighborhood on April 30, will bring global flavors and fresh plant-based ingredients to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world. The unique dining experience is launched in partnership with SimpleVenue, an experiential agency connecting food and beverage concepts with world class venues, and Vegan Warrior Project, an organization that helps restaurants maximize their kitchen capacity by connecting them to plant-based delivery concepts. The Japanese-inspired service will feature an eight-seat sushi bar with five seatings per night, and an omakase menu curated by the Chef based on seasonal, fresh ingredients.

For those who are looking for Vegan dining experiences in New York: a new concept to put on your to-go-to-wish list.

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Omakaseed at Plant Bar | On the menu

This fresh take on plant-based dining is led by Executive Chef Roberto Romero, an experienced Michelin star chef with a passion for plant-based culinary innovation. At opening of the Omakaseed at Plant Bar, guests can experience dishes such as Vegan Nigiri, Miso Soup, Potato Matcha Soup, Sunomo Style Pulled Oyster Mushroom Salad, Watermelon Tuna with Pickled Kelp and additional plant-based Japanese-inspired courses. The cocktail menu will feature specialty cocktails incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables including: Feel the Beet, Practice What you Peach, Who’s Your Edamame, Green Goddess and Mint to Be.

“Following the success of Sushi by Bou, we are thrilled to launch Omakaseed in partnership with the Vegan Warrior Project,” said Erika London, President at SimpleVenue. “Our passion is showcasing the incredible flavors provided by the earth through our plant-based dishes, and Omakaseed will be a pioneering concept in the vegan food scene with an intimate setting.”

“Each omakase course will incorporate eclectic global flavors,” said Chef Jorge Pineda, Chef at Omakaseed and Executive Chef at the Vegan Warrior Project. “Our menu is carefully curated week by week based on what’s seasonally available and at its peak flavor profile, giving our guests a dining experience that uncovers the complexities of each vegan sushi course, completely transforming the vegan sushi concept.”

About Omakaseed at Plant Bar

Omakaseed brings experiential dining and a unique flair for service to a vastly underserved market within the plant-based community. With a focus on Japanese-inspired vegan omakase, Omakaseed seeks to continue the mission of the team behind Sushi By Bou, bringing Omakase Style service to the masses, including vegans and vegetarians. They focus on natural, minimally processed ingredients, and highlighting seasonal and local produce. Omakaseed puts an emphasis on conscious cuisine, and expanding the palettes of all who join, vegan or not. Omakase at Plant Bar is located inside Plant Bar at 1204 Broadway, New York, NY 10001.

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Website: Omakaseed at Plant Bar

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